King Obama To Unilaterally Raise Minimum Wage

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It has been widely reported that a key aspect of Barack Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address will be income inequality. By stoking animosity among the various economic classes, fewer eyes will be on the fiscal disaster his administration has caused.

Building on his established reputation as an imperial president, Obama is expected to announce his latest decree during Tuesday night’s speech: a nearly 40 percent spike in the minimum wage for federal contract employees.

The current hourly floor of $7.25 will soon jump to $10.10, according to White House sources.

A recent statement indicates the goal is to “lower turnover and increase morale,” though no mention was made of the financial impact such an unwarranted, universal raise would cause among the taxpayers forced to foot the bill.

Obama intends this announcement to be a sign of things to come throughout the private sector, as well.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough cited “a proposal in both the House and Senate to do that … not just for contractors but for the federal minimum wage across the board.”

The action comes after a mere 32 legislators – out of 535 – signed a letter asking Obama to usurp even more power by issuing another fiat proclamation.

“We think $10.10 is the way to go,” McDonough said. “Nobody who works full-time and works hard at their job should live in poverty.”

Obama has made it painfully clear that he has no intention of compromising with Congress throughout the remainder of his second term. This unilateral move will further cement that promise.

With his eyes toward imposing the same minimum wage requirements throughout the private sector, it is obvious to almost everyone except Obama that such an increase will result in an unsustainable rise in operation costs for any business relying on unskilled labor.

Disregarding the fact that the vast majority of minimum-wage workers are not the sole providers in a household, Obama wants to saddle the poor with higher retail costs by ensuring high school kids make more than $10 per hour flipping burgers.

If the leftist mindset refuses to acknowledge the obvious result of such a policy, one wonders why Obama doesn’t set the minimum wage at $15, $20, or $100 an hour. After all, it’s just money.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: (Creative Commons)

5 comments to King Obama To Unilaterally Raise Minimum Wage

  • Constance

    He wants our economy and country to freefall into the pit of Hell!

  • Constance

    More like CHAOS and then, Martial Law. Then he can really be a King until the New World Order puts him under the bus.

  • Joe G

    It appears to me that we don’t need a congress. If Obama wants a new law or rule or regulation all he has to do is make an “executive order”. There are 535 elected representatives in D.C that are just sitting back and watching this guy trample all over our constitution. As all of them took an oath to protect that document, their unwillingness to challenge this guy makes them just as bad as him. Just who in Washington is actually protecting and defending the constitution? Let’s just go ahead and change the name of this once great nation to “U.S.S.A.” because that’s what we’re quickly becoming. What a shame.
    PS: I’m just glad that I’m 65 and not 6 years old. A 6 year old will never experience the freedom I’ve enjoyed during those years of my life.

    • azjen

      Joe I agree with you. After listening to this man’s message, all I heard were “I want”, “I want”, I want”. I may be all wrong about executive orders, but some time ago I did do a bit of research on just what executive orders amounted to. From all that I read about executive orders, they are short lived orders. The president once he makes such an order he can withdraw it almost immediately & it will no longer be an order. I was interested in such an order when the gentleman from MI voted for the ACA b/c Obama promised him that he would put something in an executive order & from what I can remember he rescinded on that order shortly after he made it. I would be interested if indeed these orders have any kind of life span.

    • Constance

      Joe, this is why we have to stick with the Tea Party people in Congress. They want to follow the Constitution even if Boehner doesn’t! Neither party is ‘innocent’, but we must look at those INDIVIDUALS that want to get our country back to following the Constitution. Too bad there are too many low intelligent voters who only look at the prez sound bites.