Singer Bails On Overtly Anti-God Grammys

Awards season attracts millions of viewers each year, with the Grammys accounting for much of the annual hype. As with almost everything else in our society, however, America’s cultural slide is more and more apparent in such presentations as time goes by.

Sunday’s celebration of musicians was a stark reminder of the leftward lurch this nation has experienced in recent years. The level of sacrilege and politically correct pandering was so elevated that one Christian artist publicly excoriated the program after walking out early.

Natalie Grant, who was up for two awards Sunday night, went from an excited nominee to a repulsed spectator before posting a brief explanation on her Twitter account. While she didn’t refer to any one aspect of the Grammys, she made it clear that the program represented a stark contrast to her own values.



A number of performances perpetuated the moral relativism embraced by many secular leftists, with pop star Katy Perry representing a particularly low point. Her apparent ode to Satan was so blatant even media outlets like the E! Network reported it.


Worst of all, Perry was once a self-professed Christian who was raised in a deeply religious home.

Another segment that outraged countless social conservatives was a group wedding – officiated by artist Queen Latifah – that involved a number of same-sex couples. One of the only mentions of God was made in jest by ubiquitous rapper and Obama supporter Jay-Z.

“I would like to thank God,” he said upon accepting an award, “a little.”

While Christians would be foolish to expect a secular event like the Grammys to bolster their personal faith, there is likewise no reason for the event to denigrate and ridicule those values. Simply honoring musicians for their work does not necessitate in-your-face political activism that repulses a huge percentage of those in the audience.

Grant was not alone in her outrage over the performances. Many viewers posted their opinions on social media, signaling the fact that this awards show went too far in spreading leftist propaganda.

Still, the elitists responsible for producing the Grammys – along with the performers themselves –remain cloistered in a small circle of like-minded individuals, blissfully unaware of the growing public sentiment against their insulting presentation.

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