Video: WATCH These Workers’ Faces As They Realize What ObamaCare Does To Them

A local news station brings viewers inside one Pennsylvania company as the employees there learn about their new health care plans under Obamacare…

5 comments to Video: WATCH These Workers’ Faces As They Realize What ObamaCare Does To Them

  • Constance

    You people who voted for him have to come to the conclusion that either he was very ignorant and a lousy president or he JUST DOESN’T CARE because it is his signature legislation. It was more important to force it down our throats for his own glory than it is for having more uninsured become covered and making others who liked their insurance to have to sign un to health insurance too expensive TOO EVEN USE!

    Vote those who voted for this OUT OF OFFICE. It still isn’t going to help the average citizen and the CBO office said over 30 million will STILL BE UNINSURED! He lied about this to become re-elected. :(

  • Constance

    You who voted for this president better understand that you voted for a liar so he could become re-elected and so he could boast and glory in giving everyone insurance – his signature legislation voted on by only democrats. (BTW, the CBO said that it would leave over 30 million still uncovered.)

    Things are only going to get worst. We all can’t live on part-time or temp jobs. These will not pay for the exorbitant fees for not only premiums, but very high deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance! You have insurance you can barely use. VOTE OUT THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THIS INCREDIBLE UNAFFORDABLE MESS! If you are democrat, please rethink and take a good look at your candidate. Don’t just vote your party. This is from a democrat that has yet to become Independent.

  • Constance

    As soon as I get downtown again, I will be changing. I’m indredibly sorry that the democratic party I joined when I was 18 has come to this. They have been taken over by silent and powerful groups that want to ditch our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. It’s a cry’in shame!!!

  • wildbill446

    Constance, I feel for you, you finally saw the light. I saw that many, many years ago. This Democrat party is “not” the party your parents knew. These people call them selves “Progressive” that’s a code word for communist. They seem to secretly abide by those rules of this party.
    As for some Republicans, they too are in with the “Progressives”. If you do decide to vote Republican make sure these candidates have a “Tea Party” endorsement. We need to get back to the “real American way”

    • Constance

      Actually, I have been voting Republican for over 20 years. I didn’t want to change to Independent because I wanted to vote in ALL elections. I get mail from Democrats and Republicans. I knew about Obama before he was elected in 2008. Anyone who wants poor babies born of botched abortions to be left to die or thrown in the trash isn’t my kind of candidate. I REALLY wanted someone to ask Obama, what will be your CHANGE? It wasn’t answered. I’m the kinda person who researchs everything before I buy. I wish the MSM had done their jobs.

      Of course, I try to vote the least likely one to destroy our nation even though I know that we citizens are not really in control. I will vote for a Tea Party candidate – problem is there are none in CT.