Video: Zullo/Arpaio Info Release Update! IT’S STILL ON!

A March press conference is still on…

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3 comments to Video: Zullo/Arpaio Info Release Update! IT’S STILL ON!

  • Constance

    WONDERFUL! I want to know the TRUTH. I hope nothing happens in the meantime. I pray all goes well! I’ve seen his REAL birth certificate and it had been folded and you can see the paper is older – not some software reproduction.

  • Elaine

    More than likely, we have ALL of the information, but Arpaio has found “Proof” of who he is associated with; the Saudi Prince backing him by “buying” his degree from Harvard, etc.

    He wants documents, etc. He needs to also go on You Tube when Obama admits it. Even Michelle talks about his “home country.”

  • danstewart

    If Zullo/Arpaio have the goods on obummer, why haven’t they released it. We can’t wait forever, I want to see obummer in prison before I die.

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