Are Both Political Parties The Same?

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American voters are pretty evenly divided between those who vote for Democrats and those who vote for Republicans.  Two political comments used by politicians and the media alike are the statements that “both parties are the same” and “both parties do it.”

Looking at the comment “both parties do it,” there are some interesting and amusing observations that can be made.  Republicans rarely defend themselves or their policy mistakes by saying “both parties do it.”

Democrats are far more likely to defend themselves by saying “both parties do it” whenever confronted by something unpleasant about their Party’s behavior in the Senate or the White House.  This comment has some interesting, if consistently avoided, implications.

Whenever voters defend Democrats by saying “both parties do it,” then one can reply: “then why do you vote for Democrats?”  Secondly, the political party that is most likely to say this is also the party that likes to say it is superior to the Republicans, that Republicans are only concerned about money and making the rich wealthier by taking money away from the middle class and poor.

As with any discussion, there comes a time to separate rhetoric from reality.  As noted above, if a Democrat responds to criticism by saying both parties are the same, then one should expect them to vote for Republicans for their rest of their lives, since they themselves have already admitted that there is no difference between the Parties.  After all, voting for Democrats shows a preference, not a concept that they are equal.  The only sure way to prove the voter feels both Parties are the same is to vote for both equally.

If they respond, “why vote for Republicans; they are the same?” then they simply state their preference over again.

An easy way to refute the claim that only Republicans care about the rich is to point out the fact that during President Obama’s first term, the wealthiest one percent of the nation’s voters gained 95 percent of the wealth created under his tenure.  This is a higher ratio than under President Bush.  So in reality, Obama is the President who grew the earnings gap between rich and poor most dramatically, not Bush.

And those who say that the deficit grew under President Bush at the same rate as under President Obama have to confront the fact that the deficit exploded only after Democrats took over the House – and therefore the budget – after 2006, under the leadership of the wealthy Rahm Emanuel, who served as Chief of Staff under President Obama during his first term (and who, by the way, earned $18.5 million during the housing collapse as tens of millions of Americans lost equity in their homes.)

But this doesn’t fit the official DNC self-made brand.  The highest deficit under a Republican-controlled House was $412 billion, far less than the $1.5 trillion passed by Obama, without the help of a Republican House.  In fact, the House had no say in the budget process, since Senate Leader Harry Reid wouldn’t allow a vote on the budget for four years.  So it’s simply incorrect to say the House Republicans are responsible for Obama’s deficits.  They had no vote on those budgets, whereas under Bush, the Democrats did control the House and write the budgets.

Add to the $7 trillion of national debt the $4 trillion of Federal Reserve debt that the President amassed by supporting Wall St.  Since this money was not part of the official budget, it is not part of the national debt, yet still exists as debt for future American taxpayers to deal with.  They will deal with it by paying more for everything they buy.

And lest anyone think the Republicans and the Democrats are the same with regard to campaign finance spending, the FEC (Federal Election Commission) reports that in the past 22 years, all of the top 16 heavy hitters – those who donated the most – gave most of their money to Democrats, not Republicans.  So it’s difficult to say Republicans are the moneyed Party.

Then there are the schools: public teacher unions are all Democratic in Party persuasion.  They teach children the latest taxation-enabling fad, whether it be saving the rain forest or global warming.  They get free teaching materials to teach these pro-progressive ideas.  It is difficult to find grant money going to university researcher proposals that are designed to disprove global warming – sorry, climate change.  Bureaucrats who hand out grant money are also in the Democratic Party.

And anyone who believes teachers will not willingly endorse the ideas of those who sign their paychecks is, well, someone who does not believe in corporate greed.  Corporate greed is based on the conviction that human beings will act in a way to maximize their own personal gain.  It is impossible to find a nationwide labor union whose members earn the money teachers do in their retirement plans.

So then given all these facts, one must conclude that the Federal government is run by a public sector shadow party that gives its money only to Democrats.  Even the current Federal Departments such as the EPA and IRS give their money to Democrats, which, in the private sector, would be seen as demonstrating a clear conflict of interest.

But never mind; this is not a conflict, since those who decide what a conflict is are working for Democrats.

All in all, the Democratic Party has all the policy makers and decision makers wrapped up into financial dependence upon their Party, another fact that makes it difficult to conclude that both Parties are the same.

Politicians and media commentators who want voters to believe both parties are the same may have a good reason to practice that strategy.  It is the Democrats who have created and promoted illegal immigration, black ghettoes, the growth of food stamp use, excessive government spending and debt, the subsidization of Wall St. through QE3, a public school system with sky-high teacher pensions and property taxes to support them, declining public school performance, and higher income taxes.

The only way for Democrats to flee responsibility for the economic and social damage they have done to the U.S. is to make gullible voters believe both parties are the same.

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)

2 comments to Are Both Political Parties The Same?

  • stevor

    Two legs of same monster.
    They’re like two NFL teams who PRETEND to “battle” on the field for the Entertainment (distraction) of the sheeple but later go out and drink beer together as all are owned by the NFL and swap teams all the time.

  • danstewart

    The repubs are bad, but not as bad as the communist dems. The biggest problem with the repubs is they are afraid to rock the boat. The repubs don’t say anything even when it is VERY obvious an election is stolen by the dems, IE: 2012.