Michelle’s Fitness Campaign Goes To The Dogs

Michelle Puppy Bowl

Proving her undeniable skill of injecting partisan rhetoric into any conceivable situation, Michelle Obama recently hijacked the ostensibly neutral “Puppy Bowl” for her own ideological use.

She has previously traded on her status as first lady in coercing restaurants and schools to adopt her restrictive menus, insisting she should be the arbiter of nutritional policy. In hawking her “Let’s Move!” initiative, Obama has appeared in various kids’ programs and other venues through which the next generation would be susceptible to her rhetoric.

Her latest ploy capitalized on the annual pre-Super Bowl program dedicated to highlighting cute canines.

Amid the festivities, Obama appeared on camera with her own dogs Bo and Sunny in an effort to convince viewers that their pets are doing a better job of heeding her advice than they are.

“This year’s pups showed us that getting active and lapping up plenty of water are important ways to keep our bodies healthy and energized,” she said.

Naturally, many viewers who anticipated a rare respite from America’s contentious political climate were upset that Obama infused the innocent program with her rant.

Obama suggested that “going outside to walk and play with your pet is a perfect way to get moving and some fun every day.” While her suggestion might be valid, many viewers nonetheless wondered why Obama – who has already wormed her way into the spotlight in countless other situations – felt the need to interrupt this event. Many also criticized Animal Planet for allowing her to do so.


The “Let’s Move!” campaign weighed in, obviously lauding the ubiquitous spokeswoman for her message.

“She even joined in for a touchdown dance to celebrate with the students and puppies,” the initiative gushed in an entry on its website’s blog.

Michelle wasn’t the only Obama to capitalize on the popularity of Super Bowl Sunday, however. In addition to a Twitter post on his official account, the White House tweeted a photo of Obama carrying a football, with Bo in pursuit, captioned with the absurd phrase, “Beast mode.”


In all honesty, though, Bo is lucky Obama only uses him as a political prop – and not a source of “tough” protein.

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  • Carolyne

    Michelle “Antoinnette” Obama apparently has never looked in a mirror and saw her big butt. She has some nerve trying to dictate what others eat when she could lose a pound or two herself. Oh yes, let them eat cake. Well, at least she looks like she eats a bit of cake even though she would deny it to others.

    Is there nothing these people won’t do to get attention?