Outrageous Leftist Propaganda Buried In Elementary Math Lessons

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By now, it is common knowledge among millions of parents that the public school system has been overtaken by leftist ideologues. Federal curriculum guidelines offer a bounty of highly partisan – and often completely false – leftist propaganda, while conservative thought is roundly ridiculed in government-approved texts.

While these trends are abundantly obvious in certain subjects, some parents might believe empirical disciplines like mathematics would be a safe haven from such inappropriate ideology. Tragically, the left’s ever-widening grasp on the next generation is firmly implanted across the educational spectrum.

As one recent report revealed, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics approved a new curriculum offering woefully misleading information disparaging conservatism – all under the guise of teaching basic math skills.

The council is expected to discuss the curriculum during an upcoming conference, during which “social justice” will be one of the stated goals of mathematics education.

Included in the resources for this despicable program is a website recommended for supplemental information related to one lesson in particular. Students asked to compare previous American presidents are directed to the site, which, in addition to labeling Abraham Lincoln a “liberal,” levies unconscionable allegations against conservative hero Ronald Reagan.

According to the blatant mischaracterization presented as fact by teachers, Reagan’s brilliant economic policy was discredited in 1982 “as the economy declined into the worst recession in 40 years.”

The narrative continues to suggest that “the president’s popularity slipped and support for supply-side economics faded.”

Apparently convinced students would not research the information further, the site apparently determined the subsequent economic boom made possible by Reagan’s policies was unworthy of any mention. A recession one year after his inauguration is described as completely Reagan’s fault, while the modern left continues to blame George W. Bush for Barack Obama’s disastrous policies five years into his presidency.

Unfortunately, the profound level of propaganda does not stop there. Another resource blatantly misrepresents the reason our founders established the Electoral College.

Instead of presenting the system as a safeguard against mob rule, the peripheral data suggests that a number of constitutional “authors did not trust the ability of the common voter to make the ‘right’ decision,” alleging they were only interested in “lessening the power of the popular vote.”

Curricula such as this are becoming more and more common in the public school system. It is obvious the leftist control institution is no longer interested in teaching the basic skills students will need upon graduation, but in assuring they will remain ignorant to America’s freedom, thus unable to recognize when it is being taken away.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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  • danstewart

    The dept of education & the teachers union must be done away with. If they are allowed to continue, we will be LAST in the world as far as education. This, of course is what the liberals want, a dumb population who will do whatever they say without question.