National Guard Training To Take Down Gun Owners

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Historically, as a nation moves toward socialism, the right of its citizens to bear firearms is increasingly curtailed. Unsurprisingly, the push to restrict the Second Amendment in America has advanced precipitously under Barack Obama’s extreme leftist leadership.

Despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly reject the call for stricter gun control legislation, those whose agenda would benefit from a disarmed populace continue to insist we would be better off if only the government and criminals had guns.

That disturbing mentality has apparently permeated the National Guard in at least one U.S. state. According to reports, the Ohio National Guard recently conducted an outrageous drill designed to target terrorism. Instead of focusing on foreign terrorist plots being hatched by Islamic extremists in caves across the Middle East or even the domestic terrorism perpetrated by people like Obama’s pal Bill Ayers, these training exercises taught guardsmen to be on the lookout for fans of the Bill of Rights.

Those who stubbornly adhere to the American ideal of “protecting Gun Rights and Second Amendment rights” were the targets of this particular drill, according to internal documents.

As the training exercise advanced, participants were instructed to find two individuals responsible for poisoning food at a local school in adherence to the whims of a radical right-wing white leader. When contacted for comment by, Ohio National Guard sources were conspicuously reserved.

Communications Director James Sims II indicated that the outrage expressed by numerous conservatives over the drill was “not relevant”; however, the same organization responded differently when the fictitious target was a left-wing group.

Reports indicate that an exercise teaching how to deal with extremist environmental terrorists was followed by an immediate apology from the Ohio National Guard.

When leftists complained, they received a public statement that upheld the Athens County Emergency Management Agency’s stated policy of remaining “neutral on local issues” and an apology for causing “distress to people who have spent countless hours striving to protect the environment and our citizens.”

The response to similar criticism from the right, however, is a disheartening mix of silence and dismissal.

Tellingly, the only real evidence of domestic terrorism plots based on political ideology in recent years has come from leftist extremists from groups like Earth First and those associated with the Occupy movement.

–B. Christopher Agee

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2 comments to National Guard Training To Take Down Gun Owners

  • wildbill446

    Well it looks like the state of Ohio has been infiltrated with anti-American and anti-Constitutional policies. Who’s next?

  • Constance

    As far as I am concerned, my state, CT, is following to the beat of Obama. I’m sorry about Newtown, but I don’t like the way Obama uses them as politically correct pawns.