Obama Grabs Reporters’ Phone Records

America’s founders developed a beautiful system of government, through which all sides of an issue may be discussed by those tasked with making a decision for the good of the nation. In recent years, Barack Obama has single-handedly perverted that system by stonewalling his opponents and stifling legitimate debate.

Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman recently sat down with the Western Center for Journalism for an exclusive interview, during which he discussed this troubling trend.

The legislator, who is currently engaged in a Republican primary bout with Sen. John Cornyn, said there was a major “difference between President Clinton and President Obama.”

Stockman, who served under both executives, said that “Clinton was a Democrat; however, he met with Congress and tried to work out deals.”

Even though he “fought us on welfare reform,” Stockman said Clinton eventually came around and “now he champions it as his greatest success, even though he vetoed it many times.”

On the other hand, he said Obama seems to be incapable of such bipartisan compromise.

“Obama rarely meets with Congress,” he said, “and he rarely wants to reach out. It’s ‘my way or the highway.’”

Furthermore, the mainstream media – which are supposed to act as the watchdogs of those in power – are willfully ineffective under this administration.

“None of our people in the press ever want to take him to task,” Stockman added. “He goes after their phone records. If Reagan or Bush took the phone records of reporters … there would be calls for impeachment.”

In the current political climate, he concluded, the “silence is deafening.”

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  • Joe G

    Can someone point out the part of the U.S. Constitution than grants the power to the President to change the laws passed by Congress? I am perplexed at the way Obama keeps changing the parts of Obamacare that he feels need changed. Isn’t that the job (and constitutional duty) of the congress? I just wonder, how many laws will he need to change before Congress finally says that he’s violating the oath he took to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. Don’t they have that same responsibility? In my opinion, this constitutes a “congressional crisis”. Where am I going wrong in this thinking?