16 Reasons Why America Is Upside Down And Has Left Us

Photo credit: zen (Creative Commons)

Some of these points are more painful than others, but they’re all spot on.

Today, American citizens are more afraid of the American government than illegal aliens are.

The DOJ doesn’t see criminality in threatening voters with truncheons, but is prosecuting an American citizen for making a video Obama doesn’t like.

The government now decides what will go on top of wedding cakes.

Abortionists are cheered, and those who protest abortions are prosecuted.

Year after year, “Global warming” conferences are canceled because of cold weather; but those who say it is a fake are mocked.

The guys who call us bigots for demanding photo ID to vote require photo ID to visit their offices.

The guy who is in charge of keeping illegal aliens out of America says they “have earned the right to citizenship.”

“Black Pride or Gay Pride” organizations catering to minorities are celebrated; but “White Pride” or “Straight Pride” organizations are immediately labeled racist, bigoted, and/or homophobic.

In-state tuition is automatically given to people from a “state” in Mexico, but not a neighboring American state.

Cars that don’t work and no one wants are subsidized by the government, but American auto manufacturers are collapsed with fake crises.

Criminals and psychos regularly kill people with guns in “Gun free zones” because no law abiding armed citizens are carrying guns that could have been used to stop them.

We have to look to European media (and even Pravda) to get honest coverage of things happening in America because our own media won’t provide it. This goes double for things that embarrass the government.

We have record numbers of obese people, but are constantly barraged by Public Service Announcements (that we pay for, of course) saying that about one in seven people going to bed hungry (so pay more in taxes).

Those (especially blacks) who speak out against the government are audited, but the IRS keeps hands off Leftist groups.

The government regularly “pivots” to focus on creating jobs but outsources the construction of Obamacare, and more and more Americans fall out of the workforce each month.

We see an idiot who blocked traffic for political reasons gets 40 times more coverage than the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi.

Photo credit: zen (Creative Commons)


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