Is Beating A Woman Any Worse Than Jaywalking?

Photo Credit: naralprochoiceamerica (Creative Commons)

The Democrat Party has relentlessly pushed an unfounded narrative in recent years that conservatives are perpetrating a “war on women.” As ostensible evidence, they trot out tired accusations based on the right’s opposition to murdering babies in the womb and other disingenuous charges in an effort to divert attention from their own extensive shortcomings.

When a member of the protected class – i.e. a minority Democrat – carries out a one-man war on women, however, the leftist response is frustratingly dissimilar.

Such was the case when Massachusetts State Rep. Carloz Henriquez allegedly assaulted a woman after she declined his sexual advances. He was subsequently convicted on two separate misdemeanor charges and is facing a six month prison sentence.

Naturally, his partisan supporters rushed to his rescue, with the most unbelievable defense coming from a high-ranking NAACP official. Juan Cofield, president of the organization’s New England Area chapter, recently appeared on a radio program to offer his take on Henriquez’s violent offense.

Cofield, who has also appealed to the House in an unsuccessful bid to save Henriquez’s position, said that beating a woman is tantamount to jaywalking. Incredibly, he told the host that “there is no standard in the House for expulsion based on misdemeanor convictions,” suggesting that nearly “every one of us” has been guilty of such a crime.

“Jaywalking is a misdemeanor,” he continued. “Would you have a state representative legislator expelled from the House for jaywalking?”

Host Michael Graham, along with any rational listener in the audience, was obviously surprised by the outrageous comparison.

“He assaulted a woman, he was convicted on both counts,” Graham countered, “do we really want to compare that to jaywalking?”

Fortunately, the efforts of Cofield and his cohorts were negated by a certain level of rationality in the House. Representatives voted 146 to 5 in favor of expelling Henriquez from the legislative body.

Still, Cofield is not the only leftist to defend a fellow ideologue after committing a callous act of violence against a woman. The duplicitousness of an ideology that condemns pro-life conservatives as sexist while taking up the cause of an abuser only cements the common belief that, for far too many leftists, partisanship trumps principle every time.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: naralprochoiceamerica (Creative Commons)

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