3 Things About Cornyn Every American Should Know

Texas Rep. Steve Stockman admits he faces an uphill battle in his attempt to unseat Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn in next month’s Republican primary. In a recent exclusive interview with the Western Center for Journalism, though, he explained why he feels it is necessary to call attention to the incumbent establishment candidate’s record.

Stockman provided three key points voters in his race should remember before heading to the polls.

“He’s running as a conservative,” Stockman began, “but his voting record is much different than that. He’s not a conservative. His voting record doesn’t beat that out; his actions don’t bear that out.”

Secondly, the Tea Party-backed conservative touched on the personal nature of Cornyn’s campaign against him. Stockman, who has filed a libel suit against his opponent’s political action committee, said Cornyn will “try to win with his alliance with Karl Rove.”

Rove, who headed George W. Bush’s campaign, is known for ad hominem attacks and “mudslinging,” Stockman asserted.

Finally, the candidate said his presence in the race gives voters a viable conservative option to the Republican establishment represented by Cornyn.

“The voters of Texas have a choice,” he said, “between endorsing the mudslinging and the liberal agenda or voting for something new and voting for someone who is passionate and loves this nation – and that’s me.”

Unlike some others in the GOP, he concluded, “I won’t put my party before this nation.”

As of this writing, Cornyn has not responded to requests for comment.

4 comments to 3 Things About Cornyn Every American Should Know

  • Elaine

    Cornyn mentioned AGAIN a few days ago about our Social Security being an “entitlement.
    I sent him a hot email. In the Subject Line, I said,
    “Social Security is paid in by American workers and Corporations. IT IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT.”

    Never heard a word back.

  • wildbill446

    Well as said before the “RinO” has to go. Texas wake up, I never did believe in Karl Rove a 100% he seemed to be able to talk his way in thinking or giving the impression he had all the answers.

  • US Army (retired)

    Cornyn was co-opted shortly after he first arrived in DC. He is a water boy for those who control him. The only difference between Cornyn and a whore is a whore has a limit on what she will do for $$$$$!