Stockman: I Won’t Put Party Before Country

In a recent interview with the Western Center for Journalism, Republican Texas Rep. Steve Stockman detailed a number of reasons he is running against Sen. John Cornyn in the upcoming GOP primary. In the end, however, it all seemed to come back to his unwavering love for his country.

“This nation,” he said, “despite all of its faults … is still the greatest nation on earth.”

Whenever an international crisis erupts, he said, “they don’t call China; they don’t call Russia. The world asks and looks to America.”

Stockman, who boasts significant support among conservatives and Tea Party activists, said America has achieved its greatness only by supporting the idea of individual liberty.

“Legal immigrants come here and see their futures and their wealth grow because they have their freedom here,” he added, “and they actually, a lot of times, appreciate the freedoms more than we do.”

He said he is dedicated to preserving those freedoms and encourages anyone who might take Americans’ rights for granted to visit a third-world nation.

“You’ll come back, you’ll kiss this ground,” he predicted. “This nation is by far the best. It’s worth protecting.”

For that reason, Stockman said his nation will always come before any other political consideration.

“If you put your party or your political beliefs in terms of the party before this nation,” he said, “you will lose this nation; and this flower which we all love will die and go away.”

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