The Golden Age Of Laziness

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When the CBO said that at least 2 1/2 million jobs would be lost by 2017 thanks to Obamacare, in a previous generation, that would have been a dire warning. But in this Obamanation, Liberals look forward to a golden age of laziness. With no jobs to keep people from doing what they want to do, millions are being liberated and allowed to be, maybe for the first time in their lives, happy. It’s as if Liberals are putting a silver lining on the black cloud of economic doom and gloom we have been experiencing since Obama was a Senator and supported the actions that collapsed the economy.

I have been unemployed since November 1, 2012 and have moved to Warsaw, Indiana, where the cost of living is much less than it is in New York State (where I lived from 1977 until this January.) The time of “liberation” allowed me to finish two Christian cantatas, some songs, about two hours of keyboard music, and a lot of writing on the Internet. I was more fortunate than many people because some of my investments have paid off; and unemployment pay has allowed me to be financially independent, to some extent. But despite the fact that I love composing music, I do it to possibly receive money for my compositions.

Liberals probably look back to the time when composers, writers, and artists had patrons. If you had talent, some rich person might support you financially and allow you to do what you love without worrying about poverty. Some of our greatest works of art and music were paid for by rich people. But if they had not been a part of the capitalist system, they wouldn’t have had enough money to support the artists and musicians. That’s the reason why this new golden age of laziness will fail.

Our economy took a one-two punch, with the great recession providing the first blow and Obamacare providing the second. Democrats are rejoicing, though. They are claiming victory over forced labor. A person like me is a champion. The problem is, I often feel like a failure because none of the material I have out there is paying off. I even gave a newspaper editor two of the books I have written, hoping that she would like my writing enough to hire me to write for the newspaper. I would consider my books an investment. I didn’t give a man who represented the Saint Louis Symphony around 2 1/2 hours of my compositions, just to have them performed (and maybe recorded.) I am praying that the Symphony likes my music enough to pay me for it. The same goes for the books I brought into SyFy and the ideas I gave to the EPA. It was a miracle that I was able to leave my material at all three places. But completion of the miracle would be if I received enough money to live comfortably and didn’t need to worry about running out of money.

If 60% of the people in America have to work hard to support themselves and the 40% who are not working, another economic collapse could switch the percentages; and this nation will not recover economically. Sure, Verdi could be paid the equivalent of $2 million to compose the opera “Aida.” But the return on the investment has far exceeded that generous amount. But would you like your tax money going to Joe No Talent to draw stick figures or compose noise instead of music? Besides, rap labels already have more than enough rap artists providing them with non-musical compositions.

Someday, I would love to make a lot of money from my material. I’ve been praying for that to happen for years. After working some jobs since I left eighth grade, not working and making money to pay my bills isn’t liberating. Even FDR had artists paid for their material. But most of them remained working artists who needed to have talent to remain paid artists. The ones who allowed them to have the time to benefit from their talent could obviously afford to keep them working. But in this new golden age of laziness, even the talented ones who may take all day to compose a few minutes of music, or from before dawn to after midnight to paint a canvas, are being resented by the taxpayers who are forced to support them with their taxes. The money supply is running low, and Liberals don’t seem to care.

What sounds truly crazy is that Liberals believe this new golden age of laziness will allow people to retire and live happily ever after. I see many of these “lucky” older people working at WalMart as greeters or stocking shelves for slightly more than minimum wage. Liberals remind me of the movie “The Aviator,” when Howard Hughes was with Katheryn Hepburn at her family home in Connecticut. Her mother said that she didn’t care too much for money. Howard told her that the reason why she didn’t care about money was because she had a lot of it.

Liberals seem to view Americans as the ones who have the money to “allow” millions to be happy being lazy. I hate being considered lazy because I am hoping that staying up until 5:00 AM working on a piece of music will pay off with a check for my work. Once the money runs out, this nation will collapse. Even great artists sometimes traded their works for food to survive. But when the cupboard is bare, even the Mona Lisa couldn’t give DaVinci a can of soup.

Pray that the next President will be an art lover. But pray more that he or she will love making it possible for thousands of artists to find jobs that will make their lives more comfortable and successful.

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