Thug Gets Short Sentence In Deadly Knockout Attack

Jesse Smithers

In recent months, stories have abounded regarding generally black young men targeting unsuspecting whites with a sucker punch meant to knock the victim out cold. The so-called “knockout game” is nothing new, however, as the family of 20-year-old Colton Gleason could tragically attest.

While walking home with his friends in 2012, Gleason was attacked by 18-year-old Jesse Smithers with a single punch to the head. The victim fell, hit his head, and died from his injuries.

After initially pleading not guilty, the callous teen ultimately confessed, attempting to portray the entire incident as an accident. He was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to a 10-year sentence for taking the life of a young man with his entire life ahead of him.

With good behavior, he could be out of prison by the time he is 23.

Gleason’s father, John, said that his family has “been given a life sentence by this cowardice attack and murder of our son.”

While his attacker will be a free man in his 20s, Gleason said “our son is gone forever.”

A man described as popular, friendly, and “fun to be with all the time” by his mother, the evidence shows Gleason was attacked for absolutely no discernible reason.

“Somebody didn’t just run over and hit a car and provoke an attack,” Julie Gleason explained. “This was an attack that was meant to happen.”

John said his son “didn’t have a chance to even turn and defend himself when somebody blindsided punched him,” expressing his outrage that such a vicious attack could be answered with such an insufficient sentence.

As hate crime legislation supported by leftists across the nation seek to punish those who commit crimes against minorities with harsher penalties, those who perpetrate fatal violence against innocent whites face no such added charge.

One might imagine the outcome would be different had the races of these two young men been reversed.

In any case, the fact remains that the Gleason family is left with their grief for the rest of their lives while Smithers could be reunited with his loved ones before the turn of the next decade.

2 comments to Thug Gets Short Sentence In Deadly Knockout Attack

  • wildbill446

    Hey, that’s your “Liberals” for you. The name of the game is “let the convicted go he didn’t really mean any harm, he learned his lesson”. In the mean time the one that died , no telling who may have been had he lived. A father, a priest, a doctor (if he would become one he might have been the one that saved the killers life)but in the mean while there is a family without a son. All for the sake of an ignorant kid getting his jollies.

  • danstewart

    If a white kid had hit a black, he would have gotten 50 years. If the white kid were my son & I was still around when the killer got out, he would have a bullet through his head. Period.