CNN Liberals Bash Justice Clarence Thomas For His Shocking Statements About Race

Clarence Thomas SC

Liberal CNN commentators lashed out at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on Tuesday for stating that he received worse race-based treatment from New England liberals than from fellow Georgians during his youth in the 1960s. “The worst I have been treated was by northern liberal elites,” said the justice. “The absolute worst I have ever been treated.”

Thomas had prefaced his comment with the recollection that race “rarely came up” while he was a child in the deep South.

“In the mid-60s, when he was a kid, you could get killed if you were a black person for speaking about race,” remarked CNN legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin in a clear effort to belittle the Justice. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that as many blacks were killed 50 years ago by racist whites as are murdered today by fellow blacks, thanks in large part to inner-city gang violence and ever-increasing black unemployment. Both conditions may be attributed at least in part to the disastrous Great Society  programs of President Lyndon Johnson, a longtime hero of black race-baiters and white liberals.  Strangely enough, Toobin failed to mention either these facts or the LBJ connection.

“He acknowledges no part that affirmative action played in his life but he wants to close the door for others,” added Marc Lamont Hill, an Associate Professor at Columbia University.  Hill was registering his objection to Thomas’s belief that advantage and success in America should be functions of merit rather than race-based affirmative action. The professor then made the extraordinary assertion that “…it [is] disturbing, particularly for a powerful justice like Thomas, to ‘make decisions on color blindness.’”

Indeed, how could ANY rational individual believe that effort and ability might be rewarded rather than color?!

It’s a sinister threat to all liberals, but especially to blacks when a conservative “of color” escapes what should be the agreeable bondage of the Democrat plantation to become a nationally acclaimed success as a result of talent and work.

After all, what would become of the race card should it ever be  widely known that blacks can realize prosperity without it? What has been historically one of the left’s most potent weapons of intimidation might be lost!

Clarence Thomas represents a menace to decades of liberal endeavor aimed at making blacks believe that securing generations of welfare and practicing indiscriminate reproduction are the only things to which members of their race may reasonably aspire.

Nice people, liberals.


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3 comments to CNN Liberals Bash Justice Clarence Thomas For His Shocking Statements About Race

  • Alexandra Mark

    There is nothing shocking about Justice Thomas’ remarks; they just happen to be true! The truth is always shocking to the Left. Clarence Thomas is a real class act; the best. Too bad he’s not the first black president instead of that impostor in the White House.

  • Carolyne

    I admire Justice Thomas so much. I was upset over the Anita Hill episode and I don’t believe a word she said. Justice Thomas is a role model, not only for African-Americans, but for any of us who were born in poverty and made it to a good and productive life. When I think of Justice Thomas, I don’t think “Black.” I think “A fine upstanding citizen who became a Supreme Court Justice.” Wow. That’s something.

  • wildbill446

    You know I can tell you one thing about why the criticism especially people of your own kind. I’m Hispanic, when I advanced to manager I got a lot of criticism (all)from other Hispanics. What it is ,is they re jealous of you. They can not stand to see one of their own kind advance. They want you to stay down with them. This isn’t the main reason for Justice Thomas, but one of reason that gets the most from your own kind. That is what is happening to Sen. Tim Scott of So. Carolina