College Textbook Paints Reagan As Sexist


Even in the reliably red state of South Carolina, public university students are not immune to the rampant leftism endorsed by a majority of professors and administrators. According to recent reports, a blatantly biased passage in one University of South Carolina textbook roundly ridicules the conservative movement while describing one of its heroes – Ronald Reagan – as a misogynist.

The book, geared toward students in the school’s “Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare,” disregarded the frequent unsolicited sexual advances of Bill Clinton, opting instead to castigate Reagan as a sexist executive.

He “ascribed to women primarily domestic functions and failed to appoint many women to significant positions of power during his presidency,” the author alleged in a section titled “Conservative Extremes in the 1980s and Early 1990s.”

Of course, the assertion is patently ludicrous, considering the Gipper named more than 1,400 women to powerful posts — among them the first female Supreme Court justice, the first female transportation secretary, and the nation’s first female United Nations representative.

The leftists responsible for promoting such disinformation, however, obviously believe enough time has passed for them to engage in the wretched tradition of rewriting history regarding Reagan’s presidency.

Students are being indoctrinated with far more propaganda than unfounded accusations against the 40th president. Conservatives in generally are mercilessly maligned as an uncaring bunch with a “basically pessimistic view of human nature.”

According to the text, those on the right view their fellow man as “corrupt, self-centered, lazy and incapable of true charity.”

While conservatives rightly speak out against able-bodied men and women who choose to rely on government largesse for their existence, blanket statements like those found in this book contribute to the right’s image problem among much of the nation. With a leftist stronghold not only in the halls of academia but also within the news and entertainment media, it is no wonder millions of Americans accept the patently inaccurate caricatures of conservatism dispensed by these sources.

The textbook in question continues by badmouthing the nation’s wealthy citizens, whom the author claims “find that having a social class of poor people is useful.” In reality, of course, it is the radical left who intend to maintain a permanent underclass of dependent – and overwhelmingly Democrat – voters.

Though it would take no effort whatsoever to disprove many of the claims put forth in this misleading textbook, professors are apparently eager to perpetuate its myths as long as they support a leftist worldview. If not for an outspoken student fed up with such disingenuous rhetoric, conservative parents would likely have no idea their children are being subjected to these filthy attacks.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  • wildbill446

    This gets me. “They can’t leave sleeping dogs lie”. My advice to those Professors and administrators, why don’t they start some sort of movement to have him “Impeached”? Maybe one day they will wake up and see what day & age this is.