Disgusting: Sharpton Manages To Equate Minimum Wage With Slavery

Photo Credit: The British Library (Creative Commons)

In today’s America, citizens of all races have the equal opportunity for success envisioned by our founders. Of course, that was not always the case.

While civil rights leaders as recently as a half century ago voiced legitimate concerns regarding the second-class treatment of blacks, those arguments fail to hold water in light of the huge advancements of the past several decades. Nevertheless, perpetually indignant blowhards like Al Sharpton continue to treat any situation with which they are dissatisfied as though America is still operating under oppressive Jim Crow laws.

In pushing for unsustainable minimum wage hikes the Congressional Budget Office said would cost 500,000 jobs by 2016, Sharpton recently invoked slavery into his misguided argument.

Shortly after a White House meeting between administration officials and black leaders, Sharpton addressed the media with a statement regarding the minimum wage and the CBO’s projection.

“What must be weighed in any analysis,” he claimed, “CBO and others, is that blacks suffer disproportionately from having to do work and not get the kind of wages that we need.”

Outrageously, he implied those fiscal conservatives who actually want to keep the precious few jobs still available in Obama’s America are the modern-day equivalent of slave owners.

“We had full employment in the black community during slavery,” he opined. “We just didn’t have wages.”

Unfortunately, such disingenuous accusations still resonate with a significant percentage of minorities in America. Instead of recognizing the freedom all Americans have to advance in our society, too many remain mired in the mentality of victimization.

This not only diminishes the true atrocities perpetrated against many blacks during the darkest period of American history; it prevents the 21st century blacks who buy into such rhetoric from reaching their full potential. Instead of advancing the cause of his community, Sharpton is just another opportunist only interested in perpetuating hatred against whites in an effort to remain relevant in the modern era.

Now, he is willing to put half a million jobs on the line based on his assertion that an entry-level position is somehow akin to a slave’s life on his master’s plantation.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: The British Library (Creative Commons)

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2 comments to Disgusting: Sharpton Manages To Equate Minimum Wage With Slavery

  • ItsJo

    Al Sharpton, is the WORST example of what Anyone should follow in his words, deeds, and total RACISM. He has used the Race Card to amass his own fortunes, including running for POTUS with NO Questions asked about ALL the money he raised and did KEEP. He stokes the fires of racism, as it’s HOW he’s made MORE money for his lavish lifestyle; like Jackson who also amassed a fortune, kept mistresses’ that he fathered children to, ALL on the Taxpayers Money. These Race Baiting Hucksters, should be fully investigated and given time for ALL they’ve stolen. Sharpton is such
    a joke, each time he opens his dumb mouth to TRY to speak. They hired this
    guy for….? showing what Dumb is all about.

  • treas54

    I think the Democrats are planning for a whole class of slaves. That’s why the push for immigration. I think they’ll bring them all in under some kind of status like Nancy Pelosi’s husband did with the Samoans and his tuna company. The illegals will be documented but won’t be eligible for the new minimum wage but will pay taxes so the moochers won’t have to work those jobs they think they’re too good for and can stay on the teat. They’ll be given the right to vote with the promise that after so many years they will get citizenship and the full benefits so the Dems can vote themselves in forever.