How To Use The Constitution Against Democrats


Before a member of Congress or any President can be placed in office, they must give an oath that they will faithfully defend and honor the Constitution. Since they violate the oath so often, let’s use the Constitution against Democrats.

We already know Obama is ineligible, according to the writers of the Constitution, to be President since he is not a natural-born citizen. Of course, this is because his father was not an American citizen when Barack was born. But Republicans are guilty of not denying him the chance to run for President, so it would be best to hold Democrats accountable for not obeying the Constitution elsewhere.

Obamacare could prove to be the most destructive government program ever devised. It could also bring down a lot of Democrats in November. But the way Obama has unconstitutionally changed the law could do the most damage to Democrats. It could bring about the impeachment of Obama, and should.

If I attended a campaign rally of a Democrat politician, and I were allowed to ask a question, I would ask, “Do you believe a President should be allowed to violate his oath of office by violating the Constitution?”

After my attackers finished trying to shout me down, the politician would likely say they believed the President was not violating the Constitution. I would come back with, “Since Obama signed Obamacare into law a few years, and only Congress has the right to come up with or change laws, he is assuming the ability of Congress which is unconstitutional. Do you defend Obama’s assumed right to do what only the Congress has the right to do?”

The politician would either have to say yes or no. If they do what most politicians do and not answer the question, I would have to say they don’t support the Constitution because they allow Obama to violate it. They should be removed from office because they have violated their oath to defend the Constitution and honor what it says.

That would be the time they would pull out the race card. They would tell me I am racist since I believe Obama is a criminal. I would have to pull out the mirror card and reflect their response against them. I oppose Obama because he has done criminal acts. If they assume I believe blacks are criminals, I would have to throw this response back at them by saying that any person who violates the Constitution should be punished, and that they must believe all blacks are criminals–which is really insane to believe.

They might come back with, “You hate Obama because he is black.” I would use the mirror card against them by saying, “I would hate to have a nest of cobras in my house because they could kill me. Does that mean I am wrong to hate cobras?” If they reluctantly agreed with me, maybe I could destroy the race card by showing that they are the true racists.

I would also ask the politician if they support people who lie. They would be right to point out that I have supported people who lied in the past. But the difference between a liar and someone who lies is that someone who lies every now and then feels ashamed that they had to lie, or they can give a good reason for lying. A liar tells lies for no good reason and often believes their lies are more truthful than the truth. Liars habitually lie and attack those who point out their lies. Any politician who will stand beside Obama and support him despite his reputation must be considered similar to him and deserving to be removed from office.

When you’re sprayed by a skunk and don’t wash the stick off, you could be 100 miles away from the skunk; but the people near you will know where you have been. Democrats who don’t want Obama to campaign for them are like the ones who are sprayed by a skunk. He sprayed them; and even though he may not be around, his putrid aroma still sticks to them.

You can even use the preamble of the Constitution against Democrats. Has Obama helped maintain a more perfect union? Has he brought domestic tranquility? He has attacked our liberties on numerous occasions and used government to oppress those who oppose his views. And forget about our posterity. They say those born within the last quarter century will have a lower standard of living, and much of it can be blamed on Obama.

I would have to ask, “Has Obama made the prospects for success better for future generations or worse?” If Democrats can finally be honest, they would have to admit the latter. Why should we support Democrats who support someone who, through his policies, could destroy our future? Why should we support people who support such a destructive person?

When warning signs indicate that a bridge is out ahead, should we barrel down the road at full speed and hope we can jump the river if the warning signs are correct? Or should we pay attention to the warnings? Obamaniacs would say we don’t need to pay attention to the signs. It’s a conspiracy perpetrated by those who don’t like the road or bridge. But to foolishly believe them means you might drown in the river.

The Constitution applies to everyone. If people don’t want to support it, they must be removed from office. That’s why we should have a big turnover in November if we want to honor the Constitution.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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