“Jonah” Obama Loses Another Vote: Chattanooga, WV Tells Him To Shove It!

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You won’t hear much about this week’s defeat for the United Auto Workers. The thugs were trying to unionize Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant workers. This was no ordinary defeat.  It is best described as a death knell for the UAW’s efforts to unionize the South and forcibly use the increase in union dues to finance the further destruction of America by their pals in the Democrat Party. That’s over now. There were a few important reasons for the kick in the teeth the union took. But one you certainly won’t hear mentioned is that “Jonah” Obama, who brings defeat to Democrats wherever he goes, had jumped into the fight to steal workers’ liberties; and predictably, his efforts produced nothing.

You won’t hear about this because the media is still whistling past the graveyard. They KNOW he will be poison for Democrats from Senate candidates on down the ballots across the country; but the media believes that if they don’t report something, they can make it not true.

The pattern that will be self-evident as this year goes by has started to emerge.  The scenario will be the same. The media will portray every special election that Obama insinuates himself into as a “high stakes” showdown right up to Election Day. Then when the Democrat loses, that narrative will quickly disappear.

Obama “waded” into the vote at the Chattanooga VW plant and cynically accused the Republicans who were urging the workers to reject the thugs of “being more concerned about German shareholders than U. S. workers,” as if he had ever done anything to increase private sector employment during his reign.

This was supposed to be a “boat race” (racetrack slang for a fixed race) for the thugs. They spent two years preparing for this election and even had the support of the dopes who run the plant. This was “in the bag,” but the bag had a hole in it. When the workers got their say, 89% of them showed up to vote and made a strong statement of what conditions they wanted to work under and with whom they chose not to shared their hard earned paychecks: They voted 712 to 626 against putting their heads in the union’s noose.

The significance of this defeat will be felt for years to come, and it could possibly lead to the thugs abandoning their plans to steal Southern workers’ wages all together. Thanks, Jonah Obama; and please keep “wading in”  wherever you think you should.

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