This GOP Leader Wants Cruz To Leave Party

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

The internal battle between establishment and conservative Republicans has gained intensity recently, especially as more and more frustrated Americans align themselves with Tea Party values like limited government and individual liberty. Desperate to retain power, many in the party’s left wing choose to focus their efforts on fellow Republicans rather than the corrupt Democrats currently in charge of D.C.

One of the latest examples of this disturbing trend came during a recent MSNBC segment featuring former Republican Rep. Steven LaTourette. Now the leader of a political action committee called “Defending Main Street,” the politico had some extremely harsh words for Tea Party hero Sen. Ted Cruz.

LaTourette, whose group receives much of its funding from sources decidedly to the left of Cruz, described Texas’ junior senator as “reprehensible” for his defense of fiscal responsibility. The recent debate over yet another hike in the debt ceiling was highlighted by Cruz’s insistence that his fellow Republicans be held accountable for their votes. Though the increase ultimately passed, it did so without a single Republican vote.

By endorsing a principled fiscal position and demanding others in the party do the same, LaTourette concluded that Cruz’s actions “cannibalize” the GOP. In reality, the outspoken conservative wing is merely attempting to stem the tide of big government waste that has largely overtaken the Republican Party.

Nevertheless, LaTourette appeared on the ultra-leftist news network to taunt Cruz and imply he is ruining the party he is trying to save.

“I don’t think he is a Republican,” LaTourette said in the recent interview. “I wish he would stop being a Republican and leave the party. That would be a nice thing.”

Millions of Tea Party loyalists and Cruz supporters would beg to differ. As long as America operates under the current two-party system, conservatives realize the only way to survive the constant assault on prosperity and freedom is by stacking the GOP with patriotic leaders.

LaTourette – along with other big government Republicans – must sense the continued rightward shift of the party’s base. In response, the only weapon left in their arsenal is the type of personal attack regularly levied against Cruz and others poised to become the new voice of the GOP.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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3 comments to This GOP Leader Wants Cruz To Leave Party

  • stevor

    Cruz is a Tea Party leader? Please excuse me while I BARF!
    Cruz is a Trojan Horse. The GOP seems to be purposefully self-destructing, maybe because they have the likes of o’bama, who is not really liberal other than being gay and promoting the destruction of the family.
    o’bama followed bush with bailouts, the patriot act/NDAA, and eternal wars. He’s Bush IV, following daddy bush, clinton bush, and shrub bush.

    I guess the puppeteers figured they’ve got enough sheeple to believe in folks like o’bama and hitlery that they can just have fun pretending there’s more than one party and having them “fight” like two NFL teams that go drinking beer that evening, laughing at the sheeple!

  • wildbill446

    What people don’t seen to understand is. Cruz was sent to the Congress to do something for the people, unlike the others that went there to enrich themselves. Cruz does not seem to be interested in money for him. He had the “Tea Party” Backing. they told him “get something done” and that is exactly what he is doing, no matter whose toes he steps on. The ones that don’t like him are the “RinO’S” because he upsets their apple cart.

  • ItsJo

    We EXPECT to have the GOP smeared by the DemoThugs, but what we DON’T expect is to have ANY GOP members smeared by their OWN- in this case, it seems those would be the Establishment/Rino’s/Dem-Lites, who are ONLY worried about THEIR cushy jobs/perks/healthcare/pensions…they do NOT care about what their own constituants want of them. For them to try to act like what they are/-Rino’s who attack their Own party, be they moderate, or conservative they are DOING THE WORK FOR THE DEMS, AND WE THE PEOPLE OF THE GOP ARE DISGUSTED WITH THEM. Speaker Boehner for One, who attacked Cruz, etc. is an Obama Bootlicker, who has rolled over and over for him, in ALL he wants. Cruz is doing what the people who sent him
    to DC EXPECT. Got a problem-get the Old Establishment/Rinos OUT, and that
    includes the mouthpiece Karl Rove, who is OLD and Senile, and is dissing the WRONG people of the GOP- He should be talking about Boehner, McCain, Graham, those who are DIVIDING the party. Unlike Pelosi, who STOOD BY HER PARTY, WITH THEIR LIES, OVERREACH, SCANDALS, AS SHE CIRCLED THE WAGONS.
    Boehner does like the “Status Quo”, so the weakling just Cries and condemns his OWN GOP MEMBERS….he should have 1/2 the balz of Pelosi.