Congressman: “Blank right! We’re Gonna Use The Power Of The Purse Against Obama”

Barack Hussein Obama has spent 5 years ignoring both the law of the land and constitutionally imposed limits on the power of the presidency. So far, Republicans in both the House and Senate have done precious little to take this corrupt, Marxist plant to task on his countless abuses of executive authority.

But on Monday, during a segment with FOX News political analyst Jeanine Pirro, Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina promised viewers that the House will use the “power of the purse” to end Obama’s obsession with rule rather than governance. When Pirro asked the congressman if House Republicans were actually going to DO it, Gowdy energetically responded “Blank Right!” (just in case his mother was watching.)

At last, conservatives have an honest to goodness promise from one of their congressional fellows, a promise that the contempt with which Barack Obama treats both the American people and the nation will be thrown back in his face.

Congressman Gowdy will have to PROVE it to me, and I would dare say to the vast majority of America’s conservatives, disgusted as we are with the perpetual cowardice of the GOP. Watch this brief interview and remember what the congressman has said. We’ll know very soon if it was another empty promise from yet another dishonest member of the DC ruling class.

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1 comment to Congressman: “Blank right! We’re Gonna Use The Power Of The Purse Against Obama”

  • Elaine

    Good for him!!!
    Watch Obama come back with threats against Senior Citizens, the Military, Veterans and others!