Congress Sees Mass Exodus Of ObamaCare Supporters

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As ObamaCare continues to devolve into a boondoggle of historic proportions, many of its earliest supporters are racing to distance themselves from the unpopular law. For some – especially the legislators responsible for pushing it through Congress – apparently find it more advantageous to simply resign rather than face increased scrutiny for their misplaced allegiance.

As the Daily Caller recently pointed out, nearly half of the Democrat lawmakers depicted as enthusiastic onlookers in a promotional picture of Obama signing the law in 2010 are now either out of Congress or waiting for their final term to expire.

A total of seven legislators in that photo have announced their retirement in the intervening years. Most recently, Michigan Rep. John Dingell announced he would be retiring by the year’s end after 58 years in the chamber.

“I don’t want people to say I stayed too long,” said the octogenarian upon announcing his decision. After nearly six decades in elected office, however, it is amid the widespread backlash against ObamaCare that he chose to step down.

Barack Obama likely compounded the damage by announcing Dingell’s most important contribution throughout his career was support of the detrimental healthcare law.

He was far from the only Democrat to make such a bold decision, though. Legislators including Tom Harkin, Chris Dodd, Patrick Kennedy, Henry Waxman, George Miller, and Max Baucus have all announced their retirement from Congress since enthusiastically backing ObamaCare.

Voicing support for the law anywhere but within the bluest of districts is now tantamount to political suicide. Democrat candidates across the nation are proudly declaring they have no need for Obama’s support on the campaign trail.

Despite the best efforts of this administration’s spin team – aided by the partisan holdouts in the mainstream media – it is clear to millions of Americans that this law was rushed through Congress and is riddled with untenable mandates that will destroy this nation’s economy. For that reason, citizens are holding to account those legislators who rammed the law through Congress sight unseen.

Instead of attempting the impossible by explaining their decision, more and more now seem to believe resigning is their only remaining course of action.

–B. Christopher Agee

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2 comments to Congress Sees Mass Exodus Of ObamaCare Supporters

  • wildbill446

    “Run Baby Run” and I don’t mean for election. These creeps who did the dirty thing to the U.S. Citizens know when it’s time to bail. They’ll be lucky if they can get a job a trash collector. They had better not go out for a night of the twn

  • wildbill446

    They had better not go out for a night on the town and fear if they get recognized.