NBC Crime Drama Portrays Real-Life Conservatives As Co-Conspirators

The creators of a new dramatic television series are apparently having trouble keeping their personal partisanship separated from the task of producing a fictional tale. While it is not unusual for Hollywood leftists to shoehorn their own ideals into projects, Monday evening’s episode of the NBC show “The Blacklist” took that practice to a new level by melding fact and fiction into its storyline.

Actor James Spader portrays fictional criminal mastermind Raymond Reddington, who has teamed up with the FBI to capture other criminals with whom he had previously interacted. As part of the most recent plot, he led investigators to a prolific thief named Madeline Pratt.

While Pratt is obviously a figment of the writers’ imaginations, the political connections she supposedly made during her criminal career are all too real. Instead of creating fictional characters – even those based on real individuals – as is the common practice of countless other programs, the creators of this episode chose to manipulate images of actual Tea Party leaders in an effort to portray them as Pratt’s high-profile connections.

“The Madeline Pratt you know fosters relationships with incredibly powerful people,” Spader’s character told FBI officials. “The one you don’t exploits those relationships in ways that impact national security.”

The program clearly shows Pratt interacting with conservative political leaders including Allen West and Ted Cruz. Suspiciously absent, however, is any association between the fictional criminal and any real-life leftists.

In the absence of any legitimate criticism, the left routinely resorts to name-calling and unfounded accusations against their political enemies. Unfortunately, this includes wild speculation regarding possible criminal activity within the Tea Party movement.

Meanwhile, Americans are becoming less informed than ever as millions of citizens report relying on comedy programs and other unreliable sources for their daily news intake. This separation from reality suggests any fictional program could sway the perception of unengaged potential voters.

Naturally, showing a wanted criminal hobnobbing with the most prominent conservatives of our day sends the not-so-subtle message that these leaders are not to be trusted. West and Cruz have had their names sullied in some of the most reprehensible ways imaginable by the mainstream media and leftist activists in every corner of the nation.

Now they are facing the same baseless attacks in the world of fictional drama. It may come as no surprise such a blatantly biased plot would appear on NBC, a network whose employees were found to support leftist causes almost exclusively with their political contributions.

–B. Christopher Agee

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2 comments to NBC Crime Drama Portrays Real-Life Conservatives As Co-Conspirators

  • stevor

    Sounds similar to my novel, “Bilderbergers’ Aliens” from lulu.com press

  • wildbill446

    The Chinese had a saying “If you sling enough mud against the wall , some of it will stick”. So NBC is doing exactly that. add the innuendoes and keep it up, no matter subliminal or not, some it will stick.