Egyptian Doctor Files Terrorism Complaint With U.S. Congress Against Barack Obama

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The charges brought against Malik Obama by Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid and his attorney in Egypt have now been brought to the attention of tens of millions of Arabs.

Above is a short clip from a 10 O’clock news broadcast by El-Qahera wal Nas (Egypt and its people).

As it turns out, Dr. Ebeid is now based in Tempe, Arizona, right in our back yard. He has been demanding for some time now that Congress investigate Obama and his brother Malik over their heavily documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as Obama’s use of taxpayer dollars to fund terrorism in Egypt.

To get more details about Dr. Ebeid’s concerns, read his personal letter to House Speaker John Boehner.

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4 comments to Egyptian Doctor Files Terrorism Complaint With U.S. Congress Against Barack Obama

  • Elaine

    The Saudi(s) are very upset with him too. They put him through school and financed his election campaign…now he is helping their enemies.

  • wildbill446

    I sure hope this Muslim and more of his kind decide it’s time to come forward and open up and say what they really want to say about Obama. We all know what a liar he is , now they are starting to find out too.

  • You do know that as a Muslim, to lie for the cause to take over the world is okay. In fact praised.

  • ItsJo

    At last, we can see that the Egyptian people are the ones who have Obama’s
    number, by his ‘aiding and abetting HIS Muslim Brotherhood in advancing their barbarism AGAINST the Egyptian People. They are brave and came forth, when our OWN Liberal Lapdog Media FOR Obama WOULD NOT. They carried
    signs with this discontent towards Obama, knowing that HE was pushing for
    the ouster of Mubarak, and pushing Morsi into position of President-Morsi IS the Muslim Brotherhood. All the while Obama HAS used OUR tax dollars to fund “His Attacks Against the Good people of Egypt with HIS Muslim Brotherhood, that they want NO PARTS OF.” He is responsible for MANY being killed in Egypt, and worldwide as Christians are being murdered by HIS Muslim Brotherhood.