Unbelievable: Planned Parenthood Admits It Doesn’t Care When Life Begins

For decades, Americans have engaged in the important debate regarding whether a woman has the right to murder her own child in the womb. Most activists on both sides of the issue rely on their own opinions regarding when life begins as a major component of their position.

While pro-life conservatives generally believe life begins at conception, many pro-abortion activists are under the delusion that any baby on the wrong side of a birth canal is nothing more than a superfluous growth inside of a woman’s body.

This debate, though at times monumentally frustrating, is vital in spreading the continued fight to protect the most innocent lives among us. In the mind of the most extreme abortion lovers, however, the notion that a baby might actually be alive has no bearing whatsoever in their support of callously murdering him or her.

As a recent example of this troubling phenomenon, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards recently responded to a question by host Jorge Ramos on his Fusion TV program.

After initially attempting to deflect, Ramos insisted his guest offer her insight into when life begins.

“It is not something that I feel like is really part of this conversation,” she said, obviously uncomfortable even broaching the subject.

Instead, she said “every woman needs to make her own decision.”

Without even rhetorically suggesting that a moving fetus with a discernable heartbeat is somehow not alive within the womb, Richards is tacitly endorsing the “decision” to commit murder under the guise of a vicious medical procedure.

She shared her opinion that the debate over when life starts is not “controversial” but is simply not “really relevant to the conversation.”

Making matters worse, Richards revealed she has three children who are forced to witness their mother’s callous disregard for even their lives as she pushes for the expanded rights of women to unilaterally decide whether a baby should be allowed to live.

“For me,” she continued, “life began when I delivered them.”

This sends the message that, for the nine months before each birth, she considered each of her children a disposable byproduct of sex. Now, however, she said she “probably” sees her kids as “the most important thing in my life ever since.”

One can only imagine that makes them feel monumentally loved.

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  • wildbill446

    That sounds like “Murderous” talk to me. Isn’t that what the serial killers say?