Crises Proliferate: The Times Require A Miracle

The sad truth is most Americans are ignorant and apathetic.  There is no other rational explanation for the state of the nation, or our incredible stupidity electing such a man to the presidency twice.

Democrats are sure most voters can be manipulated with lies, given the recent track record.  Proof of this: Reid and Schumer and others actually believe if they sing the praises of ObamaCare, people will disregard the evidence it is a worsening catastrophe.   Democrats are running scared, however, knowing that media cooperation is weakening, that people are becoming seriously skeptical but not outraged enough to finally admit what is necessary. 

Americans have only recently awakened, partially, to the activities of the criminal in the White House, and only then when their health insurance was cancelled with costs skyrocketing.

Perhaps they will fully awaken when electric bills triple, when the cost of food and gasoline doubles, or when DHS kicks in the door to confiscate firearms.

At this point, the American people are only reacting to pin pricks to their comfort zone, a selfish orientation, a meager push back that patriots hope will translate to backlash at the polls in November.

Maybe Americans will open their eyes when Iran obliterates Tel Aviv, when Putin starts machine-gunning freedom fighters in Ukraine, or when Al Qaeda engineers an EMP detonation over Kansas.  Awakening the sleeping giant sometimes takes a Pearl Harbor.  Apparently, 9/11 and the Great Recession were insufficient.

To save this republic, people must face facts, assume a war footing since war has been declared on many fronts, and must react on principle, that is, if we wish to survive.  Americans must develop a fierce devotion to proven, traditional principles, to liberty and the general welfare.  That kind of devotion requires a selfless, inspired posture.  It will take a miracle for this to happen in the time we have left.

No doubt part of that miraculous movement will involve inspired leadership capable of dealing with ignorance and apathy.

Thankfully, the God of love specializes in miracles.


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