Herman Cain: “Stupid And Gullible People Are Running America!”

Herman Cain said that “Stupid and gullible people are running America” in his keynote speech at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix on February 22, 2014.  He gives 3 strategy points to help take our country back.

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2 comments to Herman Cain: “Stupid And Gullible People Are Running America!”

  • Elaine

    Cain is being too kind…why I don’t know.
    The people in D.C. are neither stupid or gullible.
    They are greedy and really don’t care about the people they represent.

    Once in D.C., they forget they “were ELECTED” to represent their voters. They make deals that end up making them very wealthy. THAT is GREED NOT stupidity.

    Gullible? They are not gullible. They Hang onto anyone deliberately to obtain more power and $ for themselves.

    Cain needs to learn to state REALITY vs. softening it up for the sake of PC.

  • wildbill446

    Elaine, your so right. They are greedy for anything they can get for free.