Proof Nancy Pelosi Is A Communist

Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House, is a communist.

This according to Trevor Loudon’s blockbuster book, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress. And Pelosi is just one of dozens of communists in Congress!

How exactly America has gotten to this point—and how we are going to find our way back is uncertain.

But we must try.

Step One is to impeach Pelosi’s communist-in-arms, Barack Hussein Obama.

Step Two is to remove every communist member of Congress and indict them for treason…


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3 comments to Proof Nancy Pelosi Is A Communist

  • Elaine

    She may very well be a Communist…but that woman is also mentally ill!

  • wildbill446

    I have been saying the Democrats like to call themselves “Progressives”, I have been saying that is a code word for Communist. I find it hard to believe that our “Learned” Politicians cannot not see this. They obviously were playing “hookey” from school the day that was being taught in school. Just look at the comments we get from them. They’re either screwy, lop sided and backwards. And they have the nerve to say they are right.

  • Guest

    LOL..well, Krissypoo, looks like all three of your regular readers showed up for this. Elaine knew it all along. billy knows the secret code. Must make you feel important, huh?

    But seriously, Kris…this has to be about four dozen times you’ve insisted that Barack Hussein Obama ought to be impeached. And no one, ever, has paid any attention except me, laughing, and the two one-celled organisms who seem to credit you as a journalist. So…shall we conclude that Krissy Zane isn’t exactly in line for a Pulitzer this year? Shall we agree that in the scheme of media type things, you’re sort of a joke, a rodent, a fly, something so utterly inconsequential that you could set yourself on fire in the lobby of the Riverside Press-Enterprise and no one there would p!ss on you to put it out? That about right, Krissy sweetie?