The One Good Thing About NYC Having A Communist Mayor…

The election of Bill de Blasio as New York’s mayor was a dream comes true for America’s progressives. Not only has one of their own grabbed the top job in the country’s biggest city, but his Working Families Party has total (48/3) control of the City Council to support him.

There is now no progressive program de Blasio cannot put into place. He is limited only by his own imagination.  Sure, those “meanies” in Albany can throw a few road blocks in front of him and briefly stall his plans; but in the end, he’ll get his way. The far Left is dancing around their campfires now; but before long, de Blasio will become a major problem for Democrats and will douse those flames.

The old expression, “Be careful what you pray for; you just might get it,” applies to the rise of Bill de Blasio; and the Left will come to see this as his first year in office unfolds.

His powerbase, the Working Families Party, is the modern face of the Communist Party of the 1950s. They are Marxists and proud of it. They will not allow de Blasio to back down from their dreams even if he wanted to try.

He is the embodiment of the worst the Democrats’ have to offer. He is standing on the biggest stage in America with absolutely nothing to stop him from showing what Democrats really are. He’s not in Topeka or Cleveland; he’s in New York, where everything he does turns into national news.  Unlike the Nancy Pelosis and Chuck Schumers of the Democrat Party who will twist themselves into knots to avoid admitting who they are and what they want to do to us, de Blasio will brag about his plans to destroy America. He will continually contradict their “Oh no, we don’t want to do THAT” automatic response when they are exposed.

Bill de Blasio will be like the Democrats’ potty-mouthed three year old who lets loose a stream of four letter words at the family Thanksgiving table.  No one will believe them when they say, “I have no idea where he got that from!”

Photo credit: Abode of Chaos (Creative Commons)

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