Oliver North: Obama Draws “Phony Red Lines With A Pink Crayon”

While criticism of Barack Obama’s handling of the military are growing more widespread as his administration drags on, few have been more pointed — or more authoritative — than those made at CPAC Friday by Lt. Col. Oliver North. The Western Center for Journalism was there as he lambasted the current treatment of American troops as well as Obama’s disastrous foreign policy.
“Today’s troops … rarely get the accolades they deserve,” he said, explaining soldiers “didn’t volunteer to fight for gold or colonial conquest or quite frankly the international community.”
Instead, North continued, they serve to “protect us from an enemy that is dying to kill us.”
Men and women in uniform do not serve alone, he noted, confirming “they and their families have made extraordinary sacrifices.”
While a Commander-in-Chief should honor the service of the bravest among us, North insisted Obama is too busy “kowtowing to foreign leaders and apologizing for America.”
The Obama administration might use rhetoric to suggest a firm position on the international front; however, leftist leaders in charge today lack the vital follow-through making those threats a reality.
“We don’t need a head of state who guts our defenses and draws phony red lines with a pink crayon,” North said.
He said it is incumbent on patriotic Americans to “demand accountability for a string of scandals and cover-ups” by holding fast to the founding principles of this nation and the Republican Party.
“In the 1850s,” he said, “a political party was born on the idea of a great moral issue.”
Should modern conservative GOP leaders ignore the convictions that led to the fight against slavery, North concluded “we will cease to be a political force in America.”
Conservatives must hold fast to strong moral standards and the idea of national sovereignty being threatened by this administration. Leftists try to sell policies like unilateral disarmament and runaway spending, North said, insisting such schemes will only further damage America’s safety and its standing in the rest of the world.
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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