Tea Party Leader Diagnoses America’s Freedom Deficiency

While America was founded on the revolutionary idea of individual liberty and limited government, Tea Party Patriots co-founder and president Jenny Beth Martin confirmed what millions of patriots already know — those ideals are being threatened more than ever before. The Western Center for Journalism was at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Saturday as Martin diagnosed the problem and prescribed a cure.

“When you’ve been targeted by the IRS or your government is making you buy health insurance,” she maintained, it becomes painfully obvious that “Washington may not cherish freedom at all.”

Of course, this is a difficult pill for liberty-loving Americans to swallow. This nation, which has served as a beacon of freedom since its founding, has experienced an unsettling decline in that respect under the leftist leadership of the Obama administration.

“Some laws are enforced and others are ignored completely,” she said of the current regime. Crippling debt, she confirmed, means that “every American owes over $50,000.”

These attacks on American principles were the inspiration for the Tea Party, she said. In the years since Martin became one of the movement’s earliest and most prominent leaders, freedom has been further victimized by the leftist agenda.

In the end, however, Martin is confident that the ideals espoused by our founding fathers will prevail.

“Our values — personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future — will win,” she said.

Pursuit of that ultimate victory, however, will only come through decisive action by patriots nationwide.

“We must repeal the entire healthcare law,” she said. “Put choice back in the hands of people.”

Furthermore, she noted, our struggling economy must be reinvigorated through the implementation of fiscally conservative policies.

“The fastest way to do that is with reduced taxes,” she said, advocating a “fixed, flat, fair rate” for all American taxpayers.

Finally, she explained, Tea Party conservatives must win the immigration debate.

“When it comes to immigration reform,” she said, “we know there’s already a legal path to citizenship.”

Those who flout our laws, however, “should not be granted amnesty,” which she said is “neither fair nor equal treatment under the law.”

Along with dozens of other conservative speakers at CPAC, Martin sought to encourage conservatives working together for a common goal. As November’s midterm elections approach, this unity will become even more vital.

Photo Credit: Freedom Fan (Wikimedia Commons)

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