“Affordable Care Act” Leaves Oklahoma Man With Over $100K In Hospital Bills

Photo credit: Moneypenny 008 (Creative Commons)

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1 comment to “Affordable Care Act” Leaves Oklahoma Man With Over $100K In Hospital Bills

  • Joe G

    It’s so obvious that Obamacare really isn’t about insuring the uninsured. It’s all about the government taking over the medical industry. Any politician that says we need to “fix” the new law is just going along with that goal to take over the medical industry. The entire law needs to be abolished and empower the doctors to study the rising healthcare costs and come up with ways to better serve the patients. The government is going to be as successful with this program as they have been with the “war on poverty”. Since the 60s trillions have been spent on that program and poverty rates are not any better than they were in the 60s. So, it’s going to cost more for our healthcare and the quality of that healthcare will be worse. It’s time the American people start paying attention to the people they vote into office and make better choices. Also, we need to quit sending these elitists to Washington for 20, 30,40 plus years. We should be governed by “citizens” and not career politicians. It’s up to “us” the voters to turn this ship around. I believe we can do it. Voting is a start.