Obama Picks Rabid Anti-Gun Advocate To Be Surgeon General

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3 comments to Obama Picks Rabid Anti-Gun Advocate To Be Surgeon General

  • warbler

    duh! guns are a major health hazard.

  • SammysDad

    Typical scumbag move from the un-American in the WH. If his inane actions of late, both domestic and foreign, have not changed the minds of those sick and demented people who voted for him in 2012, then nothing will ever affect these brain dead non compos mentis idiots. This man is now blatantly showing his disdain and pure hatred for all America stands for to the point of treason, but we have a paralyzed congress on both sides who are thinking only of themselves and not America. The entire world sees the failure we have a potus but Americans are unable to do so. Such a sad state of ignorant people living in their own state of texts and blaring music as Obama treads all over their futures.

  • wildbill446

    You are so right Sammysdad, not only that if you really want to see how smart some people are. I know of a whole city of “Dumb” people….New York with their Mayor and are they really showing some voters remorse.