This Mayor Just Told 194 School Children To Shove It

In the wake of his decision to force a number of charter schools out of their current homes, effectively deserting 194 students, affected parents are now signing on to a federal lawsuit against New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

According to reports by a local CBS affiliate, those involved in the Success Academy locations shut down by de Blasio’s decree are arguing that he violated the civil rights of the now-displaced students.

“We want educational justice,” said the charter’s founder, Eva Moskowitz. “We want access to educational excellence and opportunity.”

The current mayor’s predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, promised specific locations would be preserved for Success Academy schools in Harlem, Queens, and Manhattan. Separate lawsuits are challenging de Blasio’s move to nullify Bloomberg’s guarantee.

Multiple parents said they were “devastated” by the announcement, as many have children who have been studying in the popular charter schools for several years.

“These teachers care about our kids and they want to teach them and make sure they learn what they need to know,” one parent said.

Even former New York Gov. George Pataki, who was instrumental in establishing charter schools during the 1990s, has spoken out against de Blasio’s decision.

He called the action “unconscionable because what is happening is it’s all about control. It’s all about ideology.”

Pataki continued, highlighting the common motivation among parents who seek a charter school for their children instead of struggling traditional schools in their community.

“Charter schools are public schools,” he explained, “but they’re allowed to operate under different rules, try different approaches to education, and if they succeed, they’re allowed to continue.”

Those who oppose school choice, however, generally want students to be locked into schools with a lockstep approach to education – whether it actually facilitates learning or not. This support of groupthink is evident in the federal curriculum standards found in the oft-maligned Common Core program.

Though adamant about protecting a woman’s right to ‘choose’ whether her child lives or dies, it is telling that leftists do not support educational choice for those children fortunate enough to escape the womb.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: The office of Public Advocate for the City of New York (Creative Commons)

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  • wildbill446

    Hey, it’s just another move to get them back on the “Plantation” and keep them dumb. He needs to control the poor to be more successful. Typical Democratic maneuver.