Conservative Teacher Singled Out For Discrimination At School

America’s public school system has been under the control of leftist teachers unions for decades and, with the implementation of ideological curriculum plans under the unpopular Common Core initiative, are likely to grow more propagandistic in coming years. While it might appear that educators and administrators walk in lockstep with the Democrat Party’s agenda, however, there are plenty of patriotic teachers leading classrooms across the U.S.

One such individual, Randall Scott, is a teacher at Coral Reef Senior High School in Miami. He teaches social studies to honors students and is not afraid of leading his classes in the discussion of political themes.

“I believe if I share my views with students and they share their views with me then it’s a learning process for both of us,” he recently said in an interview with a local television news station.

When Barack Obama recently made a stop at the school, Scott said he was prohibited from attending the event. The retired Air Force master sergeant said he believes his political beliefs were the reason for the school’s decision.

“The issue is not whether I wanted to be sitting in there or not,” he said. “The issue is whether or not I was singled out because of my political views.”

He admitted that, even in the days leading up to Obama’s visit, he actively spoke out against this administration on social media. That activity, he contends, might have played a part in the school’s decision to keep him away from the event.

The school district offered a statement on the matter, saying it “is currently under review.”

According to the statement, the “size and setup of the event venue did not permit all of the school’s staff and students to attend, and local administrators were required to decide who would attend to represent the school.”

Scott said he finds it hard to believe he was singled out for any reason other than his ideological alignment. He is now asking for “whoever is responsible for this to publicly apologize for discriminating against me because of my political views.”

Though he said he enjoys his being an educator, Scott explained he now plans to retire at the end of this school year.

–B. Christopher Agee

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