Is This White House Official On His Way Out?

After replacing Robert Gibbs in 2011, Jay Carney took on the unenviable role of selling the Obama administration’s devastating policies to an increasingly uninterested America. As the 29th White House press secretary in U.S. history, he has dealt with plenty of tough situations despite dealing with a largely sympathetic mainstream media pool during his sporadic conferences.

He has also faced his share of personal criticism. Most recently, he was accused of turning a press meeting into a free advertisement for his wife’s new book. The former journalist hawked the tome during an address earlier this week.

As that comparatively minor scandal dies down, reports are surfacing that Carney’s time in his current position might be coming to an end. According to the Daily Caller, sources close to the press secretary are signaling his impending departure from the prominent post.

Though these unnamed sources have apparently heard directly from Carney that he intends to leave the White House in the near future, this is not the first time media sources have hinted that he should step down.

About one year ago, a Mediaite article’s headline posited the question, “Time for Carney to go?” In the article, Obama’s glorified propagandist was described as “stressed and burned out.”

His responses had grown more aggressive, the piece indicated, as he became “combative” and began forming enemies within the press.

In response to recent reports, Carney’s likely replacement did not confirm the rumors – though he conversely did not deny them, either.

“We routinely decline to comment on the speculation about personnel matters,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

In any event, whoever ultimately occupies Carney’s current position should be prepared for the thankless task of attempting to polish Obama’s detrimental directives into a somewhat more palatable message. The press secretary’s job is always to act as a media flak; however, Carney has shown just how little room there is for scruples when regurgitating this administration’s talking points.

As the Mediaite article pointed out, he could likely transition smoothly to any of the prevailing leftwing news organizations to find a more lucrative and less stressful media position.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  • stevor

    Yes, constantly LYING for o’bama (or Satan) can take its toll on somebody. Besides, isn’t his wife part of Goldman Sachs and thus aren’t they millionaires (if not yet, they will get paid off for their service)?