The Response To This Anti-Gun Bar Might Make You Smile

While the Obama administration and leftist media are try to sell the narrative that America is no longer interested in the right to bear arms, freedom-loving Americans are singing a different tune. Social media sites erupted in outrage Tuesday in response to a South Carolina bar that posted a crass sign prohibiting any customers carrying concealed firearms.

Below the plainly stated ban, Backstreet Pub’s owners included a subscript that reads: “If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I do not want your business. Douchebag.”

An onslaught of Second Amendment defenders rose up in unison to send a clear message back to the bar. The following Twitter posts are just a tiny sampling of the overall attitude toward the business’ unbelievably myopic attitude.

.@BackstreetsPub You have the 1stA right to say whatever you want, & do with your business what you will, but you sir, are an idiot.

— Dan Gordon (@Rep_DanGordon) March 18, 2014


@joethepatriotic @BackstreetsPub It would be poetic justice!

— Steven P Epley (@epley_p) March 18, 2014


@BackstreetsPub @Nick10ant I wouldn’t patronize a bar who’s ownership behaves in such a childish and unprofessional manner toward anyone.

— Cliff Waldron (@CliffWaldron) March 18, 2014


Nothing says come rob us as a sign saying “Gun Free Zone” here. Talk about absolute idiots. @BackstreetsPub Hope that works out for you.

— Older Than Dirt (@CoFemale) March 18, 2014


While many businesses choose to prohibit guns, Backstreets Pub’s blatant attack on those potential customers sparked a nationwide response. Reports indicate the bar removed its Facebook page; and some commenters began expressing their displeasure on the page of a similarly named North Carolina bar. That page’s administrators attempted to clear up the confusion, though some feel it might still suffer because of mistaken identity.

Beyond the relatively short-lived impact of social media, however, Backstreets Pub will face lasting reputational damage through online review sites like Yelp. Two pages dedicated to the business were overwhelmed with reviews Tuesday, the vast majority of which gave it one star – the lowest possible response.

With nearly 400 reviews on one site, the bar’s average rating is just slightly above that one-star floor. Accompanying responses largely echo those found on Twitter.

One reviewer requested a “zero stars” option.

Another, signed “Douchebag#1,” wrote: “Run your business any way you like. When you and your customers get robbed[,] don’t come crying to us about it.”

The owners of this bar might have bought into the recent push by many leaders to strip away citizens’ rights. If anything, though, these attacks on the Second Amendment have only made patriots fight harder to protect themselves. It’s a lesson that Backstreets Pub has already learned the hard way (and America’s leftist politicians are continuing to ignore at their own professional peril.)

–B. Christopher Agee

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1 comment to The Response To This Anti-Gun Bar Might Make You Smile

  • wildbill446

    well it just proves the “Anti-gun” clowns are making head way. But like one person said wait till you get held up and a robber shoots someone then you’ll have a change of heart. Or I guess they can do it the Obama way and try to talk them down, Good luck.