Our Apologies To Bill Clinton…

Daily, we read new installments of the harshest criticism of our president. And, given my respect for the office he holds, I sometimes question the ‘appropriateness’ of the more brutal of those barrages. But when I find myself questioning that, I am instantly reminded that HE HAS WORKED HARD, AND AGAINST THE TIDE OF CONSTITUTIONALITY AND PUBLIC OPINION, TO EARN EVERY SYLLABLE OF OUR DISAPPROVAL. Suddenly, I become the man in a satin-lapelled smoking jacket, clutching a beer, saying, “I don’t often talk smack about our president, but when I do… It’s totally because Barack Obama really is a malevolent louse.”

Barry is building his ‘Barackracy’ here in this nation – and I don’t see that we will ever be able to undo the damage he’s done. I am stunned that, with all the eloquent warning pouring forth from so many respected voices, nationally and around the world, only a precious few seem to be paying any attention to their cautions. Obamania is tearing the guts out of our nation – and who, really, is now leading the charge to reclaim the ground we’ve lost?

For the past five years, there have been pop-up thumbnails all over the Internet (“Click here to impeach Obama!”) or on Facebook (“Like us if you think it’s time to impeach Obama!”) Most of those are just sales scams using a hot topic to acquire an e-mail address or a wedge in to your Facebook page. Nevertheless, I believe that a plurality of Americans would kick doors down and/or nearly lacerate themselves if the click of a mouse would actually get the ball rolling toward impeachment. Most of a jellyfish Congress pays lip service to impeachment to placate their desperate constituencies – but only a precious few seem committed enough to take action. Thirty years ago, a Barack Obama would have been impeached, prosecuted, and sentenced to life in the electric chair – long before he’d have the opportunity to eviscerate our nation to the point he has today.

Our president, who touts himself as a constitutional scholar/professor, has ordained himself as both a lawmaker and a lawbreaker. Neither of those functions are included in his job description – and he knows that. It would seem to me that – at some point in time, out of our 320 million Americans  – a formidably determined group of adamantly patriotic people with authority could be mustered to get this maniac under control BEFORE AMERICA IS NO MORE. Short of revolution, what other arbitration is available to the people who still value what’s left of the precious spirit of our Constitution? And, while we’re at it, can we also implement enough common sense to rally in solidarity? I mean, do we really want to split the ticket in our next presidential election? God help us to use the brains He’s given us.

And the whole world is watching. How can we criticize a Vladimir Putin or a Kim Jong-un for acting exactly like what they are? America, like it or not, is the constable that historically has at least containerized so many cocky tyrants in our fallen world. Yet now, our internal compromises have effectively made us complicit with their recent advances. Evil is on the upswing; and that has everything to do with the messages we send out to our enemies, who are everywhere. We are a different nation now. America is no longer the first class power that you don’t mess with. Instead, our current chief executive made his opening statements by bowing before oil-rich, Islamic trailer trash – and his wife doesn’t think twice about stepping off Air Force One looking like she and the kids have been dumpster diving.

Reagan is gone. The Bushes are gone. Serious government in America and majestically empowered diplomacy is visibly retired, and so Vladimir Putin obviously feels like it’s safe to finally stretch his legs. And why would we be shocked? He’s just reviving the objectives of his heroes of cold-war Russia. He’s waited, probably with his mouth agape in disbelief, watching a nincompoop puppet (or maybe the two are in league?) deliberately run America aground on the Straits of Confusion and Bankruptcy. And now he knows it’s safe to drive through anybody’s yard without fear of reprisal. Thank you, Barack; you’ve made the world safe for everything BUT democracy. And we have ourselves to thank for giving you the carte blanche to become a second Benito Mussolini (on steroids).

America needs to get used to this sort of aggression from other world powers as well. It’s inevitable. We’ve earned that. We need to remember that the world is involved in a constant card game in which the stakes are lethal. Right now, all of our cards are completely showing; and everyone can see that our hand is worthless and that our stack is depleted. Will we ask China for the money to defend ourselves against Russia, North Korea, or Iran when they decide to fire their missiles in our direction? That’ll be nice, won’t it? Thank you, Barry, for so compromising every asset we’ve worked so hard to attain – our once strong military, what was left of our ailing economy, the vestiges of a nascent and tenderly healing, racial harmony, and what used to be the world’s best healthcare system – to the point that America is beginning to look more and more like the Third World country in your communist father’s dreams.

And you, Barry – you grew up riding the very same strong and benevolent system that you are today destroying. All the while, in siding with those who hate America, you were biting the hand that was enabling you. Today, you have the ‘audacity’ to vilify the people who protest the violence of your crafty demagoguery.

Another severe criticism recently came from constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley  –  and he was only reporting the facts when he said: “The problem with what the president is doing is that he’s not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system, he’s becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.” It’s becoming increasingly clear that BO doesn’t mind the criticism – he expects it. He bargained for it because he knows exactly what he’s doing: bleeding America to death and taking her down, one piece at a time. He so richly deserves all the harsh and unrelenting criticism that this country can throw at him. I miss the America that was here before he got ahold of her, and I will criticize him as long as there is a Constitution alive to guarantee me that right.

We once impeached William Jefferson Clinton for lying about a liaison with an impressionable White House intern. If we don’t impeach Barack Obama for what he has done, it’s only right that we should kneel before Bill and beg his forgiveness.

Photo credit: Center for American Progress (Flickr)

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