The Buried Secrets Of Bill And Hillary Clinton Revealed

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s lawyers have circled the wagons around documents, photos, videos, and, most recently, newly discovered audio recordings—likened to the Nixon tapes—held at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. After the government watchdog group Judicial Watch sued to force the Clinton Library to release the literally millions of files, the Library released a scant 5000 records, claiming that the FOIA requests don’t reflect the other documents being held.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

On the other side of town, the documents held at the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies in Little Rock, documenting Bill Clinton’s years as governor of Arkansas, make the security at the Clinton Library seem mild. The files are held in a giant safe and require the personal signature of Clinton crony Bruce Lindsey for even a peek—and Lindsey has released exactly zero files.

And there’s a lot to hide.

Let’s start with the “suicides” of teenagers Don Henry and Kevin Ives by laying on the railroad tracks. Clinton’s medical examiner conveniently ruled the deaths suicide; but when the parents of the teens screamed bloody murder, the bodies were exhumed showing that the medical examiner, Dr. Fahmy Malak, had lied. Their bodies clearly showed signs of foul play, one teen having a knife wound, the other with blunt force trauma to the head. It has been rumored for years that the boys had witnessed a  huge drug deal go down, part of Clinton’s infamous cocaine empire based in Mena, Arkansas—and so had to disappear.

What secrets do the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Butler Center for Arkansas Studies hold? We will never know. Presidents and former Presidents in this country, as we now know, are above the law.

Unless the American people demand otherwise.

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14 comments to The Buried Secrets Of Bill And Hillary Clinton Revealed

  • warbler

    LOLOLOL!!!! Good luck with all that, teaturds.

    So…who you gonna run against Hillary – the most admired woman in the world, every year since 2007?

    • wildmann

      Look up “The Clinton Chronicles”.

      • wildmann

        Dr. Fahmy Malek- Another Lying Hadjii, Typical that He’s a Democrat Operative. No wonder the Nation is Screwed. WTSHTF, and all Bets are off,We’ll see all the little Girly Men Democrats Run and Hide under the Rocks!

    • Lisa

      Joe the plumber would be more qualified than Hillary. At least he can fix something. What an embarrassment she was to our country when she tried to pull off the “reset button” with Russia. In the whole state dept., they couldn’t find ANYONE who knew Russian? Libs want to pretend it was just a humorous little gaffe. Believe me, the Russians rightfully considered it a shining example of the utter incompetence/stupidity of this administration. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if Putin donates to her campaign. She has been complicit in the reduction of our reputation around the world. We now see how effective she was in her dealings with Russia. And Benghazi? EPIC FAIL.


    The bengazi butcher is done, with its political career

  • Guest

    LOL indeed…Poor Krissy. You really have to be desperate to be attacking Clinton. Maybe you need to go after McKinley or Taft too.

    Do they pay you, Krissy? I mean a guy your age ought to be proud of his career. You don’t seem to have one.

  • wildbill446

    Boy talk about some really dumb comments. I guess you know who loves their idols no matter what. They’re lucky they weren’t involved with these thieving crooks. Another thing what is she admired for? name one thing significant she did? All she has is a big mouth and flat butt, plus lots of wrinkles.

    • Lisa

      Whoa there, Wildbill! Leave the wrinkles out! No one mentions a man’s wrinkles when it comes to politics. And as you might see from my previous post, I’m NO fan of the thief.

  • Lisa

    After Hillary’s numerous screw ups as Secretary of State, how can anyone think for a second she’d be even a good VP, much less POTUS. One of many examples is the numerous items she stole from the White House when Bill left office. She was forced to return some, but other items remain missing to this day. She just refused to believe that items in the White House she took belonged to the White House and the American people. Greedy, ruthless, mean spirited, NO class hag thief. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

  • P.T. Barnum said it best. A fool is born every minute. Fraud will run rampant again…bet on it…Vote tabulation machines are owned by a Spanish company…who’s owned by the one and only..GEORGE Satan Sorryazz

    • Lisa

      Well then, we are screwed. I knew his tentacles ran long and wide but didn’t know that about him. No doubt he is working overtime rushing the “final solution” of Israel. He hates his own people with a ravenous passion.

  • wildbill446

    Lisa I guess I used the wrong phrase, what I meant to say was them wrinkles didn’t fill out like her lard butt.

    • Lisa

      No offense taken. As a 63 yr. old granny with fair skin and years in the sun, I fight the wrinkle fight every day. Unfortunately, I’m losing :)

  • Constance

    Lisa and wildbill446 you two just made my day. I got a big belly laugh. It is my birthday and my sweet husband made me lunch and gave me a large piece of chocolate cake with rich chocolate frosting. I need all of my energy if I have to hear anything about that loser, Hilary Clinton. BTW Lisa, wear a large hat. I’m getting in on years too, so I know what you mean!