Abortion Group Offers The Most Disgusting Giveaway Imaginable

A non-profit organization in Washington, D.C. recently announced a disturbing fundraising ploy featuring a free gift for donors pledging at least $10 to the cause of murdering children. According to its website, DC Abortion Fund donors “will receive a … coat hanger necklace as our way to say thank you.”

The article is accompanied by a photo of a woman’s neck adorned by a chain with a pendant resembling a small hanger – an obvious allusion to the graphic abortive techniques used to kill children in the womb.

While the legalization of abortion more than 40 years ago largely put an end to such methods, it is clear that the end result in each tragic case is the same. Even more heartbreaking is the fact that groups like DCAF actively solicit money to perpetuate this culture of murder.

Kermit Gosnell, the butcher behind reprehensibly violent abortions conducted at his Philadelphia clinic, was rightfully convicted for his unspeakable actions. Unfortunately, he is but one monster brought to justice for these crimes against humanity. Abortion clinics are notoriously opposed to any oversight, which is generally considered standard procedure for medical practices.

Despite misrepresenting themselves as healthcare providers, abortionists in Arizona recently spoke out firmly against a proposed bill that would allow surprise inspections of their facilities. While early abortion advocates declared their desire to see the practice become “safe, legal, and rare,” it is obvious today’s anti-life movement is primarily concerned with only the “legal” aspect.

Abortion providers constantly castigate those who speak out for life as somehow anti-woman, while the federal government forces taxpayers to fund the barbaric procedures. Meanwhile, DCAF has the audacity to send out tiny hangers to its supporters to wear proudly as a sign of support.

For millions of Americans, abortion is the scourge of our society. Many see the fact that a significant segment of our population defiantly supports the atrocious act as the most heartbreaking symptom of America’s widespread moral devolution.

–B. Christopher Agee

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