Are You A White Video Game Player? You’re A Racist

According to a recent study its researchers are calling “very troubling,” video games are responsible for racist attitudes against blacks. The purported proof of this phenomenon, however, will doubtlessly strike many as dubious at best.

The study prompted white participants to play violent video games as either a white or black character. Afterwards, they were asked to attribute words they found appropriate when shown photographs of actual people of both races.

Those who played as black characters were instructed to “kill” numerous other characters in the game as they attempted to break out of a virtual prison. The other group took part in a game during which they were instructed not to use violence.

Twenty minutes later, the half that played as violent blacks was shown pictures of black individuals. The study suggests this group was more likely to identify the photographs with some form of weaponry.

The other half was shown images of white people, leading many in the study to associate them with non-violent objects.

Researchers resorted to other tactics in an attempt to prove their hypothesis, such as determining how much hot sauce participants used when preparing food for others. In the end, the study concluded that an “increase in aggression” among those who played as black avatars “occurred over and above any increase in aggression among participants playing the violent game as a white avatar.”

Of course, the study employed an incredibly small sample group of just 141 college students, meaning any results could have easily been skewed dramatically and presented as a commentary on the public as a whole. Leftists, however, will now be able to point to this study in an attempt to bring down two popular targets: video games and racist white people.

In fact, researcher Brad Bushman actually insisted that the “media has [sic] the power to perpetuate the stereotype that blacks are violent” and use violent video games to that end.

While many would like to continue believing black violence is only a myth perpetuated by racist whites, the data fails to bolster that stance. In fact, more than half of all murderers in 2012 were black despite making up about 13 percent of the population.

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