Targeted Café Owner Takes Drastic (And Awesome) Safety Measures

The owner of a coffee shop in Spokane, Wash. has been dealing with a recent surge in robberies over the past month. Sara Chapel explained that Jitterz Java has been hit three separate times by criminal thugs during that time, telling local media that she intends to fight back against the crime wave.

She has already encouraged licensed staffers to bring a firearm with them to work – a policy that has already paid off. Going forward, however, that initiative will only be expanded.

The latest attempt to rob the shop came less than a week ago, Chapel said, noting the apparently armed man quickly retreated when the barista on duty locked the store and showed him her own gun. The prospective robber was long gone by the time police arrived; and everyone at the store, along with cash in the till, was safe.

From now on, the owner confirmed, someone working at the store will have a gun on them at all times. While she would obviously prefer the criminal element in Spokane bypass her business, Chapel is determined to be prepared for further targeting.

“It is just a little aggravating,” she said, lamenting the fact that “people are just out for themselves these days.”

While the owner of America’s largest coffee shop chain explicitly asked customers to leave their guns behind, it is refreshing to see one of Starbucks’ smaller competitors taking a different stance. The mammoth chain’s CEO, Howard Schultz, penned an open letter to his loyal customers last year, urging them to “no longer bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas – even in states where ‘open carry’ is permitted – unless they are authorized law enforcement personnel.”

Police are still searching for the man responsible for the latest attempted robbery of Jitterz. Chances are, however, he is smart enough to leave that particular location alone after his last encounter.

As for Chapel, she concluded that it is “just sad” to see someone “put other people in harm’s way to just get a few hundred dollars.”

–B. Christopher Agee

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