Mainstream Media Shocked Obama NOT On “50 Greatest Leaders” List

Obama did not make it on Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Greatest Leaders List for 2014. And NBC wants to let you know how upset they are about it!

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3 comments to Mainstream Media Shocked Obama NOT On “50 Greatest Leaders” List

  • wildbill446

    Well the jokes on them. What significant thing has he done to better the world and the people. So far he has put the nation out of work, raised our debt into the trillions so that we will never pay it off. Advanced the nation towards being more like Europe and gave us more Muslims and more problems. He has so far showed how much he loves the U.S.A. by doing things to keep under control and poor, plus keeping the children dumbed down with “His” Dept. of education. I have nothing nice or kind to say about him, the only thing he has done for me is make me “HATE”.

  • Carolyne

    Never before in my lifetime, and I am getting up there, have I actually hated a politician. But I hate him too.

    I believe him to be a foreign-born Muslim. I think his mission in life is to destroy this country as we know it and import enough Muslims to take over. He supported the Arab Spring and assisted the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt. He entertains members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House frequently. When the Egyptian army overthrew Morsi, who is a member of the Brotherhood and was well on the way to establishing Sharia Law in Egypt, Obama stopped aid to Egypt. At present, the Muslim Brotherhood is retaliating against Christians in Egypt, kidnapping them, murdering them and destroying churches. The main stream press is so busy covering Obama’s butt that we never hear about that. Coptic Christians have live in Egypt centuries before Islam even existed, but they are being purged by Obama’s buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood.