Pro-Lifers Just Scored A Huge Victory…

Planned Parenthood has come under frequent – and justifiable – fire from pro-life advocates over its use of federal tax money in its operations. Though leftist supporters try to sell the nation’s largest abortion mill as a women’s health clinic, it is abundantly clear that this reprehensible organization is interested almost exclusively in murdering children in the womb.

While abortion is regrettably legal, its opponents are righteously indignant toward the government for seizing their hard-earned money, only to funnel it through an organization that has been responsible for the death of millions of our most innocent, helpless citizens.

Recently, however, a federal appeals court ruled in favor of one state’s assertion that it should be able to withhold federal family planning funds from Planned Parenthood. Although a previous judge ruled Kansas must continue funding the organization’s locations in Wichita and Hays, the appeals court’s split decision overturned that ruling.

According to Kansas law, so-called Title X money is to be prioritized by distributing funding to public health departments and hospitals first, which exhausts its coffers before Planned Parenthood is ever considered.

Though the clinics in question do not perform abortions on site, they are obvious associates of those that do. Planned Parenthood contended in its appeal that not receiving the money is tantamount to a free speech violation based on that association.

Fortunately for those who value the sanctity of life, the court dismissed this concern.

Across the nation, support for abortion shows signs of waning. Planned Parenthood locations are closing in increasing numbers, and fewer individuals are expressing support for the brutal procedure.

Meanwhile, though, anti-life activists are growing shriller in their defense of the industry; and our leftist leaders are demanding taxpayers foot the bill for the horrendous acts of this organization. While the Kansas decision is undeniably a step in the right direction, there is still ample work left to do before this obsession with child murder is relegated to a black mark in our nation’s history.

–B. Christopher Agee

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