Is Electoral Reform Needed? Startling New Polls Suggest So…

As millions of Americans continue to suffer under the administration of a president they believe was illegitimately elected, the topic of preventing voter corruption is more popular than ever. Rasmussen Reports has been tracking that national conversation through a series of polls that show Americans overwhelmingly want to restore integrity to the election process.

The most recent of these studies deals with a controversy that has only grown more prevalent in recent years: proof of citizenship. Despite the assertion by leftist opponents that requiring identification at the polls is somehow discriminatory toward minorities, the general public seems to firmly denounce that claim.

Nearly eight in 10 of those polled believe every potential voter should prove he or she is a U.S. citizen before casting a ballot. This represents a marked increase from last year, when just over 70 percent supported the concept.

Furthermore, a mere 29 percent believe voter ID laws are discriminatory, compared to 61 percent who feel they are not.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when respondents are separated by political affiliation, the results become even more telling. Democrats, who unquestionably benefit from allowing illegals to vote, are divided pretty evenly between those who feel ID should be required and those who do not. More than three-fourths of Republicans, though, and two-thirds of unaffiliated voters think proof of citizenship should be a requirement.

Fifty percent more respondents believe ineligible voters are more often allowed to vote than those who think it is likelier that legitimate voters are turned away.

These results bolster responses reported in previous Rasmussen polls, including one conducted last year that found individuals are 50 percent more likely to believe voting is too easy in America compared to those who think it is too difficult.

Recent federal court rulings have upheld initiatives in two states that would require proof of citizenship not found on federal voter registration forms. Other states have expressed support of similar measures.

Our republic was built on the idea of individuals possessing power over our leaders. This is expressed primarily at the polls; however, as an increased number of fraudulent votes are cast, the will of American citizens is diluted and ultimately superseded.

These polls are further proof that Americans are tired of this trend and want to once again gain control over their future of their nation.

–B. Christopher Agee

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