Willie Robertson Handles Controversy Questions Like A Pro

Christians holding a biblical view of homosexuality are increasingly targeted by America’s leftist media. Few have experienced this trend more publicly than ‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch Phil Robertson.

When asked a direct question by a GQ interviewer, the plain-spoken believer offered his personal view on the subject, leading to a manufactured controversy and his temporary suspension from the hit A&E program. Thanks to a concerted effort among supporters, though, the network rescinded its decision and reunited the cast.

Though the debate has died down in recent months, a recent CNN interview with his son, Willie, rekindled the issue as host Kyra Phillips pressured him to respond. At first, the younger Robertson refused to take the bait, asserting only that his dad “made Christmas very interesting for us” and was only stating “what was on his heart” during the interview.

Phillips was apparently unsatisfied, however, and prompted him to express his own view.

“I believe what the Bible says,” he explained.

Outspoken Christians like Robertson must always be prepared for traps set up by those who hope to create animosity toward those with biblical values. Whether that was the intention of this interview or not, he expressed his views in a manner that few could find controversial.

“We don’t profess to be God,” he continued, “and we certainly don’t profess to be perfect at all; because we have our own sins that we deal with.”

Robertson’s wife, Korie, weighed in too. She defended the elder Robertson, saying that “any gay, straight, black, white, anybody who knows Phil knows that he is about love and his message is about God’s love, God’s grace and his forgiveness, ultimately.”

Willie Robertson ended the segment by confirming Phillips’ assumption that the family views the Bible as literal.

Despite his measured statements which in previous generations would have been considered largely mainstream, news outlets like the Huffington Post seized on the short interview segment as a way to link him to his father’s “anti-gay comments.”

–B. Christopher Agee

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