USDA’s Message To Grandparents Should Give You Chills

Under the direction of Michelle Obama, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been promoting nutritional guidelines designed to limit individual choice. While the most immediate results have been demands placed on school cafeterias and food advertisers, a recent directive seeks an end run by turning America’s seniors into the first lady’s henchmen.

A recent USDA blog post called “Grandparents Help Kids Develop Good Eating Habits” called on the older generation to turn time with their grandchildren into a live-action ‘Let’s Move’ infomercial.

The post included numerous tips for creating good government drones, including the recitation of USDA-approved bedtime stories. Grandparents are urged to read such “educational storybooks” in addition to modifying kids’ behavior throughout the day.

“Skip the urge to offer a snack to quiet tears or reward behavior,” the blog post commands.

The USDA also urges grandparents to strip the televisions from their grandchildren’s bedrooms and curtail the practice of “making different dishes to please young, fussy eaters.”

Of course, the piece included an insistence that elderly relatives make sure kids are “active throughout the day.”

The directive also encouraged grandparents to teach visiting youngsters how to cook and, instead of offering the occasional treat for which such relatives are known, give them some attention.

As though a grandmother is unable to provide both, the USDA insists hugs “are much better than sweet treats.”

While instilling good habits are important during a child’s formative years, the consistent browbeating of this administration has gotten old for millions of Americans. Federal bureaucrats now assert that they are better equipped to raise America’s children – and grandchildren – than those who are with them every day.

Our public school system is already overrun by propaganda and, as this blog post shows, the USDA is ramping up its effort to extend the indoctrination into households across the nation. So far, the government’s admonitions are couched in terms describing a persistent nudge rather than an official mandate.

As this administration has repeatedly proven, however, today’s leftist leaders consider it only a small step from advocacy to legislation.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Catherine Scott (Creative Commons)

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