Popular Fundraiser Is The Left’s Latest Target

The Girl Scouts of America organization has already capitulated to the whims of leftists by embracing pro-abortion positions and largely shunning the all-American image it built over previous decades. One thing that remains constant, however, is the popularity of its most recognized fundraiser: Girl Scout cookies.

Never known for letting a potential outrage pass unabated, some on the left are now calling for an end to the ambitious sales pitches we have grown to expect. The reason, of course, is the perceived danger of ingesting the treats many find irresistible.

The Denver Post recently ran an editorial by Diane Hartman suggesting the organization is doing its members and the public a disservice by “letting” them sell such “fattening cookies.”

She wrote that the sweets “have some trans fat, some palm oil and are high carb,” which she concludes are “things you’ve probably been trying to avoid.”

Proving her leftist bona fides, she also used her column to preach environmentalism.

“How hard would it be for the squads of energetic, idealistic Girl Scouts to switch from cookies to light bulbs that are good for our planet?” she asked, suggesting “a badge for helping the environment instead of one for selling the most cookies.”

Of course, Hartman’s argument is still demonstrably representative of a minority opinion. Americans are obviously more attracted to a box of delicious cookies than a government-mandated light bulb. The many projects funded by cookie sales – along with scores of satisfied customers willing to pay a premium for them – is reason enough to continue the practice in a free country.

As one online commenter opined, “I’m sorry, why are we LETTING the Girl Scouts sell their cookies? It’s their business, and if it raises the right amount of money, why do we care?”

Just because Hartman is in the minority, however, she is certainly not alone. Dr. John Mandrola blogs about health issues and, in a recent post, suggested “selling high-fat sugar-laden cookies to an increasingly calorie-addicted populace” does not reflect the organization’s mission.

These activists are entirely unmoved by the idea of supply and demand. Forcing an organization to stop doing what has worked remarkably well for nearly 100 years is foolish enough. Requiring them to replace cookies with already overpriced ‘green’ light bulbs would be devastating.

–B. Christopher Agee

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