MUST WATCH: This Woman’s Congressional Testimony Is Going Viral

Catherine Engelbrecht gives a heart wrenching testimony to Congress about being preyed upon by the IRS and other government agencies.

Please share wide and far to show support for Catherine and political freedom in this country.

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3 comments to MUST WATCH: This Woman’s Congressional Testimony Is Going Viral

  • Joe G

    This patriot was featured on a Fox special this past weekend with 3 other cases of government harassment. The special was titled “Enemy of the state” and should be watched by every American.
    The current administration is the most corrupt bunch of individuals in the executive branch of our federal government in my lifetime. I just can’t believe that the congress of 535 Americans are just sitting back and allowing it to happen. The worse part of it is that the American voters elected this corrupt administration to a second term. If Hillary gets elected to the White House I’m afraid we’re doomed. Just look at what democrat administrations have done for Detroit, Chicago, California with all the bankrupt cities. Is that what we want for the entire USA? Government MUST be downsized. Progressives only want more and more government. But they sure have been helping “downsizing” U.S. industry with all of their rules and regulations.

  • wildbill446

    This is a very Brave and wonderful woman. I salute her. This is what your Democratic Party has brought to us, nothing but corruption, lies and deceit. Yet they try to tell us they are looking out for us. They have all but destroyed our Military, made slowly become a Police State. We can no longer trust our “So-called leaders”. We are slowly be over whelmed but the “illegal immigrants”. I almost puked when I heard Jeb Bush say they are here because they do it for LOVE of their families? Then they should petition their own Government.

  • wildbill446

    I forgot to add, the Democratic party is determined to make us live and look like their “success stories”. You know like Detroit, Chicago, and the other cities filing for “Bankruptcy”